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Citation Software teams up with Atlas Software to offer dynamic-charting solution for PrintShop Mail

For immediate release

WESTBOROUGH, MA, September 29, 2001 — Citation Software Inc. has teamed up with Atlas Software BV to provide charting software for use with PrintShop Mail, Atlas's flagship variable-data-printing solution. The charting software can create pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, scatter graphs, and many other kinds of charts and graphs.

The charting software costs $675.00 for one type of chart, and there is a $200.00 fee for additional chart types. For example, for pie charts and bar charts, the cost would be $875.00.

For each particular customer, the charting software is designed to accommodate the customer's particular formatting specifications. Virtually any type of chart can be created.

For example, a particular company might want a pie chart with slices that are colored red, blue, orange and purple; and the company might want a label printed on each slice. Or perhaps the company needs a vertical bar chart with labeled bars that are filled with various shades of gray. Or maybe they require a multi-colored line graph with a legend at the bottom.

The charting software is designed to work seamlessly with the customer's database. The user won't have to do any work to associate the fields in the database with the graphic elements on the charts.

Each customer receives an easy-to-use program that requires just a few mouse clicks to create all the charts that are needed for a PrintShop Mail production run. When the user is ready to print a batch of PrintShop Mail documents, her or she just runs the charting program first and then runs PrintShop Mail as usual.

You can get more details by visiting the Atlas Software booth (Booth 2060) at Xplor in Orlando, Florida Tuesday, October 30, 2001 through Thursday, November 1, 2001.

About Citation Software

Citation Software Inc. is a provider of products and services related to electronic-publishing technology, particularly variable-data-printing/publishing technology, on-demand-printing/publishing technology, and PDF-based workflow systems. Based in Massachusetts, the company sells "off-the-shelf" software products to end users; licenses software-development kits to programmers; and offers consulting, development, and integration services.

Citation Software's product portfolio includes solutions for variable-data printing/publishing, page imposition, PDF viewing, dynamic creation & modification of PDF files, dynamic PDF form-filling, address standardization & enhancement, print-stream transformation, and more.

About Atlas Software

Atlas Software BV is a leading developer of software for optimizing information flows. Founded in 1989 in The Netherlands, where it has research and development facilities, the company maintains offices in North America and the Netherlands and is represented in Japan.

Atlas is the maker of the PrintShop Mail software, a well-known variable-data-printing application for Macintosh and Windows computers.

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