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Data-driven-charting software is great for producing personalized financial statements and employee-benefit statements.

data driven charting software

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data driven graphs software
data driven graphs software
data driven charts and graphs software

data driven charts and graphs software
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Citation Software Inc.
 Specialists in variable-data publishing since 1986

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These are the products we offer for data-driven charting & graphing (customized pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, etc.)

 data driven charting software

data driven pie charts NEWLEAF
data driven bar charts PReS Suite 

All of these products are full-featured variable-data-publishing solutions that allow you to incorporate data-driven charts & graphs into variable-data documents.

Some of the products are desktop solutions that are used interactively; others are server-based solutions that can be used to create an automated, hands-off variable-data-publishing workflow.


VDP software mail merge software FusionPro is a suite of software solutions for personalized communication. The suite includes:
  FusionPro® VDP Creator. An Adobe Acrobat plug-in for producing variable-data documents from within Acrobat
  FusionPro® VDP Producer. A hot-folder system for producing variable-data documents on a server
  FusionPro® VDP Server. A powerful server-based variable-data-publishing system used by programmers
  FusionPro® Expression. An image-personalization system
  FusionPro® Links. A Web-based PURL/microsite system and campaign-tracking system

   Learn about
   new features in
   FusionPro 10.

Click the tabs above to get details about these different FusionPro Products.

FusionPro VDP Creator, FusionPro VDP Producer, and FusionPro VDP Server offer tremendous typographic control rivaled by no other variable-data-publishing solution. These products offer something for everyone — novice graphic designers will quickly come up to speed on the FusionPro point-and-click interface, while hard-core techies can make use of the FusionPro integrated JavaScript support and other advanced features to exploit all the power of the FusionPro technology.

Attractive pricing makes it easy to get started with the FusionPro VDP technology: pricing starts at $949.00 US for FusionPro VDP Creator, which imposes no limit on the number of variable-data documents you can produce.

The FusionPro image-personalization software, FusionPro Expression, is a terrific value too. Pricing starts at $769.00 US.

The FusionPro PURL solution, FusionPro Links, is a great buy as well. For one low price, you can run as many PURL campaigns as you want. Call for pricing.
VDP software FusionPro VDP Creator is an easy-to-use Adobe Acrobat plug-in that lets you create variable-data documents from your desktop. Formerly known as FusionPro Desktop, FusionPro VDP Creator brings template design, business logic, and print-stream creation together in one cross-platform package.

FusionPro VDP Creator works by allowing you to add personalized text, variable graphics, bar codes, and data-driven charts & graphs (such as pie charts and bar charts) to a PDF file. You can use virtually any software to create the basic design for your document — for example, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress or even Microsoft Word. Save it in PDF format and you're ready to start using FusionPro VDP Creator. The built-in PDF support is a real time-saver if you receive master documents from sources outside your company — for example, from customers — because you don't have to re-create the documents in-house.

Learn about new features in FusionPro 10.
Integration with Adobe InDesign

If you use Adobe InDesign to create your master document, you'll be able to take advantage of some extra features. For example, the formatting you create in InDesign will be carried over into the PDF file you create for your basic design, and you can use that same formatting in FusionPro VDP Creator for variable text. Note that you are NOT REQUIRED to use InDesign; it's optional.

Click here to see some sample FusionPro projects.
VDP software
 more > 
VDP software FusionPro VDP Producer allows you to automate your production workflow for variable-data documents without doing any programming. Formerly known as FusionPro Direct, FusionPro VDP Producer is ideal for large or complex variable-data jobs.

You utilize FusionPro VDP Producer in conjunction with FusionPro VDP Creator. It works like this:
You use FusionPro VDP Creator's drag-and-drop system to create a template (layout) for your variable-data job; then you copy the template files to a hot folder on the server that's running FusionPro VDP Producer. Each time you need to use that template to create variable-data documents, just put a new data file into the hot folder, and FusionPro VDP Producer will compose the documents and create the output file in the format specified in the template.

FusionPro VDP Producer can automatically email production personnel when composition is complete and can also put the finished file into a RIP folder, giving you a completely automated, "hands-off" production workflow.

  Need tighter integration and more control?  
  Consider FusionPro VDP Server.  

VDP software mail merge software
 more > 
VDP software mailmerge software FusionPro VDP Server lets you take your one-to-one marketing strategy on line with Web-enabled personalization functionality that can be integrated into any Web-server platform through simple HTTP POST commands. FusionPro VDP Server can also be used for document-production operations that don't involve the Web.
FusionPro VDP Server helps you create and manage large-scale personalized marketing-collateral programs using the core FusionPro variable-data-publishing composition engine. FusionPro VDP Server can be integrated with a variety of Web-to-print solutions and high-volume, hands-off internal variable-data-publishing composition workflows, generating tens of thousands of document pages per hour from templates (layouts) created with FusionPro VDP Creator.

Web-enabled soft proofing powers instant PDF or JPG/GIF previews. For on-line versioned or variable documents, users can choose images and specify content on the Web to be merged into layouts defined by FusionPro VDP Creator.
VDP software
Don't wait while your developers catch up to build the technology you need. Get immediate access to the tools your business requires.

 more > 
image personalization software FusionPro Expression is image-personalization software that combines data and imagery to produce unique and compelling personalized images. For example, you can write a person's name in the sand or on the side of a glass, or you can spell a person's name with berries.

Each FusionPro Expression product comes with 15 pre-built designs (templates). More pre-built designs are available — and, you can create your own designs.    see the 15 pre-built designs > 

image personalization software  image personalization software  image personalization software  image personalization software  image personalization software  image personalization software
Click here to see a sample FusionPro Expression project.

Integrates with other FusionPro products

Several FusionPro Expression products are available, and they are meant to be used in conjunction with:
  • FusionPro variable-data-printing software: FusionPro VDP Creator, FusionPro VDP Producer, and FusionPro VDP Server
  • the FusionPro Links PURL software
  • the Marcom Central Web-to-print system
VDP software mailmerge software FusionPro Links makes personalized direct-marketing programs easy to implement, manage and document. With the FusionPro Links vendor-hosted platform, users of FusionPro Links can create a customized on-line-response experience with personalized URLs (PURLs) and microsites for variable-data-publishing marketing campaigns. Features include:
  • Instant notification of click-throughs and other activities
  • Customizable site appearance (branding)
  • Comprehensive reporting facilities
  • more

   Data sheet  


FusionPro Links costs less than many competing PURL solutions. Call for pricing.

 more > 
VDP software mail merge software
VDP software
FusionPro VDP Creator
Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2
Mac OS 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 ? Intel-Mac hardware
Adobe Acrobat 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, DC
OPTIONAL: Adobe InDesign CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015
Internet connection

FusionPro VDP Producer and FusionPro VDP Server

FusionPro Expression
Windows Server 2003, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012
Mac OS 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 – Intel-Mac hardware
1.3 GHz CPU (2.0GHz or greater recommended)
1 GB available HD space
Internet Connection

To use FusionPro Links, all you need is a Web browser. You don't need to install any software on your own computer.
VDP software Call us at 888-260-7316 to discuss your requirements and request free FusionPro trial software.
VDP software FusionPro VDP Creator and FusionPro Expression Creator can be purchased on line at our Web store, and purchasing on line is the fastest and easiest way to buy these products.
Buy FusionPro software on line
If you want to buy one of the other FusionPro products, or if you prefer not to buy on line, we'll be happy to accept your order by phone or fax. To place your order by phone, call us at 888-260-7316. To place your order by fax, download our order form, fill it out, and fax it to 207-433-1160.

We accept credit cards and debit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, and JCB). We also offer several financing programs — call for details.

Pricing is subject to change without notice.
Pricing shown here might not be available to customers in particular geographic locations.

FusionPro VDP Creator $949.00 US.
Upgrade to FusionPro VDP Creator 10.x from FusionPro Desktop 5.x, 6.x, or 7.x, 8.x, or 9.x for $650.00 US.
Two different FusionPro VDP Creator support plans are available. Both are optional. Call for details. Note that most customers don't purchase any support services because the free training materials and comprehensive documentation provided with the software allow most people to find answers to questions on their own.
FusionPro VDP Producer Call for pricing.
FusionPro VDP Server Call for pricing.
FusionPro Expression FusionPro Expression Creator costs $769.00 US.
Other versions of FusionPro Expression are available — call for details.
FusionPro Links Call for pricing.

FusionPro VDP Creator         

Maximum power at a modest price. FusionPro VDP Creator is a powerful yet AFFORDABLE variable-data-publishing solution that's used by thousands of graphic-arts professionals worldwide.

Input formats for data. Accepts a variety of formats, including flat files (for example, .csv). FusionPro VDP Creator also accepts an XML-like format called "tagged text" that allows you to embed formatting information right inside your data. In addition, FusionPro VDP Creator lets you connect to your database via ODBC.

Output formats. Can generate PDF, PostScript, VDX, PPML, HP-PPML, VPS, JLYT, VIPP, Digimaster-PS, AFP, JPG, PDF/VT and HTML.
The HTML output option is useful to customers who have a relationship with an email-distribution service (for example, ExactTarget). When the HTML output option is selected, the output produced by FusionPro includes a single HTML file and a collection of JPG files to be used in an email campaign that will be distributed by an automated email-hosting system. More details on this feature can be found in the new User Guide on Page 229.
Variable-text effects. Text on a curve, soft drop shadows.

VDP software
text on a curve
VDP software
soft drop shadows

Variable graphics. Support for many different formats and options.

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FusionPro VDP Creator         

Business logic. Create powerful business-logic rules. You can use FusionPro VDP Creator's on-screen wizards (no programming required), and you can also write JavaScript code.

Data-driven charts & graphs. Dynamic pie charts, bar charts, etc.
   VDP software mail merge software

Bar codes. A number of one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar-code formats are supported, including Code 128, Code 39, U.S. Postal Service POSTNET, U.S. Postal Service Intelligent Mail Bar Code (IMB), MaxiCode, QR, more.

NCOA/CASS. FusionPro VDP Creator can make use of technology from Wisconsin-based Tec Mailing Solutions to provide postal data cleansing. Name-and-address files are uploaded to a Tec Mailing server for CASS and NCOA data cleansing and enhancement. Cleansed and enhanced files are downloaded to your computer and can be automatically re-connected to your FusionPro template, allowing you to gain access to preferred postal rates. CASS/NCOA data-cleansing services are billed to a credit card on a per-file basis; a "pay-as-you-go" pricing structure is used. Currently this feature is available on Windows only.

Serialization. Page numbering, Bates numbering, crash numbering, other serialization tasks.

Whitespace management. Suppress unwanted whitespace in a situation where a data field is empty.

On-line preview. Shows what your documents will look like before you commit them to paper.

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FusionPro VDP Creator         

Stylized variable images. You can change the shape of variable graphics from the default rectangle to an oval. Optionally, you can feather the edge of the oval.

InDesign and Quark integration. Includes a plug-in for Adobe InDesign and an XTension for QuarkXPress. Note that use of InDesign or Quark is optional, not required.

Support for oversets. Comprehensive support for dealing with content overflow. Features include copyfitting (automatic sizing of text), automatic page insertion, and more.

International language support. Unicode functionality allows multilingual variable-data-document composition.

Imposition. Built-in imposition tool comes with libraries of layout templates. Gang jobs by quantity or optimized groups, across multiple products and customers. Special features support U.S. Postal Service sorting, bundling, and traying requirements.

Dynamic password assignment for securing PDF files. You can use FusionPro's built-in JavaScript support to set a different password for each PDF output file that is generated during composition. This is useful for distribution of unique files amongst recipients.

Scalability. Increase production throughput with optional FusionPro VDP Producer server-based composition system.

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FusionPro VDP Producer         

All the features you need!

Because FusionPro VDP Producer utilizes templates (layouts) created in FusionPro VDP Creator, FusionPro VDP Producer supports all the document-layout features offered by FusionPro VDP Creator:

  • PDF workflow
  • business logic
  • special text effects
  • support for oversets
  • variable graphics
  • multilingual document composition
  • many industry-standard output formats (PDF, PostScript, PPML, JLYT, VIPP, more)
  • more
mail merge software
Free up design workstations

Gain added resources by freeing your design workstations from composition processing and putting them to work to support the other important production functions your business needs.

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FusionPro Expression         

15 FusionPro Expression designs (templates) included free

Each FusionPro Expression product come with 15 free designs (templates). Many more designs are available — plus, you can use the FusionPro Expression intuitive user interface to create your own designs.

These are the 15 free designs (templates). Scroll down to see all 15.

Cake (Berry)

Christmas Ornament (Tree)

Clouds (Flowering Trees)

Cold Glass

Cow Spots

Dew Drops


Golf Ball


Marquee (Chicago)

Sand (Beach Footprints)

Snow (Car Hood)

Sticky Note


Tattoo (Football)

 < top of free template collection      < back 

FusionPro VDP Server         

Scalable and lighting-fast

Create automated variable-data-composition workflows for internal or distributed environments; simultaneously compose multiple variable-data jobs for unparalleled scalability and redundancy; incorporate multiple composition engines into composition farms to run virtually any size job.

mail merge software
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FusionPro VDP Server         

All the features you need!

FusionPro VDP Server supports all the document-layout features offered by FusionPro VDP Creator:

  • PDF workflow
  • business logic
  • special text effects
  • support for oversets
  • variable graphics
  • multilingual document composition
  • stylized images
  • more
VDP software
FusionPro VDP Server can emit all the same industry-standard output formats supported by FusionPro VDP Creator (PDF, PostScript, PPML, JLYT, VIPP, more).

Other features supported by FusionPro VDP Server include:

Queuing. Job queue API to schedule and route composition requests.
Cross-platform font management. Transfer fonts properly from Mac or PC to the Windows PC running FusionPro VDP Server.
Easy integration. Can be integrated into another solution such as a Web site that allows users to enter data to be used for composing documents.
Dynamic generation of images. JPG or GIF files can be generated automatically; these can be used for thumbnails, proofing, or other purposes.

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FusionPro Links         



mail merge software   NEWLEAF is document-design/production software that is is suitable for producing graphic-intensive, personalized/customized documents such as direct-marketing postcards and brochures, etc.; and it also works well for text-intensive documents such as fund-raising letters and collection letters. In addition to producing paper documents, NEWLEAF can output to fax and email.

Designed to provide a working environment familiar to Microsoft Office users, NEWLEAF enables your staff to generate professional-quality variable-data documents quickly and easily.

Text, graphics, tables, bar codes, and hyperlinks can be inserted and placed anywhere in the document, at any orientation. All objects can depend on a condition and database variable (conditional processing).
NEWLEAF has two features that set it apart from most similarly priced variable-data-printing solutions:
  1. It has a "chart wizard" that makes it easy to create pie charts, line graphs, etc. that represent data in your database.

  2. It is designed to do high-speed production on many different kinds of printers, including printers used in graphic-arts environments as well as printers typically not found in graphic-arts environments. The list of supported printer types includes PostScript printers, PCL printers, AFPDS printers, IJPDS printers, and more.
mail merge software    
NEWLEAF's easy-to-use Data Source Wizard lets you attach dynamic data using regular data files (e.g., CSV files), ODBC sources, XML sources, and universal data links. A few clicks let you associate your data with specific locations in your document, allowing variable text to be printed there.
Familiar user interface. Insert document text and format it using standard formatting tools (similar to Microsoft Office formatting tools).

Business logic. Define conditions to determine the content of variable data in the document (programming skills are not required).

Graphics. Import and size any number of graphics.

Tables. Create tables containing dynamic cells.

Bar codes. Define and insert bar codes using a data field for dynamic values.

Data-driven graphics. The documents you create can include pie charts, bar charts, etc. that represent data in your database.

Serialization. Page numbering, Bates numbering, crash numbering, and other serialization tasks.

 more > 
NEWLEAF runs on Windows computers. For more details, please call us at 888-260-7316.
Please call us at 888-260-7316 to discuss your particular requirements.
Pricing for NEWLEAF is dependent upon your specific requirements. To get a price quote and arrange a purchase, call us at 888-260-7316.


Re-usable components. Save elements of the document in standard blocks for re-use in other documents.

Whitespace management. Suppress unwanted whitespace in a situation where a data field is empty.

RTF support. Import RTF files.

Support for transactional documents. Create transactional documents based on multiple records.

Output formats. NEWLEAF supports the following print-output formats: AFPDS, ePOST, Fiery FreeForm, GDI, IJPDS, Intellicash, IPDS (via TCP/IP, SCSI or channel port), PCL, PDF, PostScript, PPML, VDX (PPML/VDX), VPS. NEWLEAF can also output to fax and email.

On-line preview. Shows what your documents will look like before you commit them to paper.

Print features. n-up, tray control, OMR (post-processing).
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PReS Suite         

VDP software The PReS Suite is an enterprise-level, scalable composition solution that handles highly complex transactional documents, such as invoices and statements, as well as personalized direct-marketing and event-triggered correspondence applications. It enables you to create and format a personalized document or message and then print it or distribute it electronically.
The PReS Suite includes the powerful PReS Composition Engine, PReS Designer for document design, and modular add-on options to meet the specific needs of each environment. Within an enterprise environment, PReS can be integrated easily with existing business processes to provide seamless document automation with multi-channel output including print, fax, SMS, email, and archiving.
mail merge software
mail merge software The PReS Designer application makes designing templates an easy process with its intuitive graphical user interface. Usability features include the ability to enter specifications for custom processing via the design interface and the ability to create and save re-usable objects. After creating and formatting a group of objects in one document, the user can save the group as a reusable object making it available for use in other documents. The re-usable object retains variable and formatting definitions as well as layout positioning data.
PReS Designer's on-line-preview feature shows what your documents will look like before you commit them to paper. mail merge software
VDP software The PReS Composition Engine is a versatile, robust, and scalable system for composing variable-data documents. Promotional documents, transactional documents, and transpromo documents are well within its capabilities.

It has an extremely rich set of features. Click on "more" below to find out about them.
 more > 
VDP software Various PReS add-ons are available to enhance system functionality to meet stringent requirements. Two of them are described below.


The PReS WebDirect add-on allows business users to have direct management of variable message blocks within documents. PReS templates are uploaded to the WebDirect server, where business users can manage them interactively in a Web-browser interface. Business users log in, add and revise content for defined message blocks, and specify the conditional logic that defines which message version a particular recipient will see. This feature allows users to modify transpromo messages and other parts of a document that need to change frequently.

Business users can also utilize extensive collaboration and workflow capabilities within WebDirect with an integrated, seamless process to release revised and approved content to the production center.


A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is available for using SQL to pull data from several data sources.
VDP software PReS Suite is a modular system that includes PReS Designer, which is a point-and-click document-design tool, along with a document-composition engine and various other modules.

PReS Designer runs on Windows computers. With other PReS Suite modules, support for various other platforms is provided. Details are dependent upon the specific modules needed to meet your requirements.

For more information, please call us a 888-260-7316.
VDP software Please contact us at 888-260-7316 to discuss your particular requirements.
VDP software Pricing for PReS Suite is dependent upon your specific requirements. To get a price quote and arrange a purchase, call us at 888-260-7316.

PReS Suite         

VDP software
Input formats for data.

Supported input formats are text and .csv. Microsoft Excel, Access, XML, binary. PReS can also communicate with your database via ODBC.

Output formats.

PReS supports all major production-printer output formats, including PostScript (non-optimized and optimized), PDF, PDF-A, PCL, PPML, VIPP, AFP/ IPDS, IJPDS, XML, and Metacode.

Multi-Channel Output

To meet enterprise requirements or to suit the preferences of customers, you can configure the routing, output and delivery methods for any personalized document. Multi-channel output options include
  • email
  • fax
  • SMS
  • Web
  • archive
For email delivery, PReS can send HTML output and can send composed documents as email attachments.

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PReS Suite         

VDP software
Whitespace management

PReS templates feature "bands" on the layout that allow for sophisticated and intelligent sizing of promotional messages and other personalized content based on the amount of available space on the document. Variable elements can also be deemed either mandatory or optional, enabling the most effective use of the space available on each page of every document.

Variable graphics.

PReS accepts a number of formats for variable graphics.

Business logic.

PReS offers a comprehensive feature set for applying business logic.


Page numbering, Bates numbering, crash numbering, and other kinds of serialization are supported.

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PReS Suite         

VDP software
Bar codes.

PReS supports many bar-code formats, including the new U.S. Postal Service Intelligent Mail Bar Code (IMB).

International language support.

PReS supports the most stringent multilingual requirements.

Data-driven charts & graphs.

Dynamic pie charts, bar charts, etc.

Web-based message management & collaboration.

Web-based tool allows for collaboration and for frequent and last-minute modifications to documents.

Support for oversets.

Various features allow for managing text overruns.

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Let our Wizard help you find the right product!

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