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Citation Software Inc.
 Specialists in variable-data publishing since 1986

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 variable-data printing & publishing (mailmerge) — includes image personalization, transactional, transpromo
 page imposition — step & repeat, bookletting, page numbering, Bates numbering, n-Up, re-ordering pages, watermarking
 bulk mailing, postal automation, address standardization, data hygiene, data scrubbing, presort, CASS, PAVE, NCOA, merge/purge
 PDF preflight/prepress — font & image management, color management & conversion, PDF editing
 cross-media marketing & campaign management, including Personalized URLs (PURLs), email, fax, SMS, Flash
 PDF creation, manipulation, viewing, editing, printing — desktop & server-side PDF, "Distillers"
 Web to print (W2P) — on-line print procurement of static, versioned, and variable-data documents; order management
 file-format conversion, print-stream transformation, PDF rasterization
 publishing-workflow automation, prepress-workflow management, PDF-workflow automation, PDF-workflow-management
 PDF document assembly — PDF split and merge, PDF appending, PDF concatenation, PDF page extraction
 PDF stamping, merging, form filling — includes watermarking, page numbering/Bates numbering, FDF/XFDF
 document control, PDF security — dynamic encryption, decryption, digital signatures, password protection
 PDF analysis and data mining (extraction and repurposing of text, graphics & metadata)
 data-driven charting & graphing (pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, etc. that represent database information)
 mailpiece design (Business Reply, Courtesy Reply) and U.S. Postal Service bar codes
 software-development/integration services

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