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Citation Software Inc.
 Specialists in variable-data publishing since 1986

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Company Information

Citation Software Inc. is a privately held corporation based in northern Maine. We are a value-added reseller (VAR) of software solutions and components geared primarily for printing, publishing, and direct marketing.

Core competencies

At inception, Citation Software's primary focus was providing software-development services and technical-documentation services targeted for the printing & publishing industry. Within this arena, our technical focus has always been geared toward the following sub-specialties:
  • on-demand printing/publishing
  • variable-data printing/publishing
  • automated imposition
  • mailpiece design
and we continue to concentrate on these core technologies today.

Over the years, our company has diversified in terms of service offerings and product offerings, as explained below.

Shift From Custom Development to Integration

In the early days, our company developed quite a lot of custom software, as this was often the only way to meet the technical requirements of our clientele. Today, however, we take a different approach to software design and development. Specifically: in most cases, we design systems that are based on off-the-shelf components and provide the expertise and guidance that are required to build an integrated system from those components. This approach saves time, saves money for our clients, and keeps us from re-inventing the wheel.

Our shift away from custom development toward system integration has been driven by the rapid and dramatic maturation of document-production technology over the years since our company was founded.  case studies > 

Reseller/VAR Business

Citation Software's reseller/VAR business took root in 2001 when we signed on as a reseller for Atlas Software, makers of the PrintShop Mail variable-data-printing software. This part of our business came about as a natural extension of our increasing interest in and ever-growing reliance on off-the-shelf software applications and components when creating solutions for our clients.

Today we serve as a value-added reseller for a number of solution providers that make software products geared toward the technologies that are at the core of our business.

Currently our family of solution providers includes:

  • AddressDoctor/Informatica
  • Appligent Document Solutiona (ADS)
  • DirectSmile
  • Enfocus
  • Glyph & Cog
  • helpIT Systems
  • Meadows Publishing Systems
  • Melissa Data
  • Objectif Lune
  • PrintSoft
  • PTI Marketing Technologies (formerly Printable)
  • Quite Software
  • Rennie Glen Software
  • Satori Software

Support for technical standards

We acknowledge the importance of vendor-neutral standards that benefit the printing and publishing industry. Historically, our company has maintained a focus on standards-based solutions as opposed to proprietary ones. Solutions we offer are dependent on and compliant with JDF, OPI, PDF, PDF/A, PDF/X, PPML, and PPML/VDX. We endorse the development of such standards, and — after joining ANSI CGATS Subcommittee 6 in mid-2001 — our company was an active participant for several years in the development of one of them: PPML/VDX.

Company Philosophy and Work Ethic

Are you tired of software companies that adopt a cavalier attitude toward your project and leave you hanging? If so, then dealing with Citation Software will be a welcome and refreshing change, because we believe in careful planning, thoroughness and attention to detail!

Since we are a small organization with low overhead costs, we can provide excellent products and services at competitive prices. And, your project is as important to US as it is to YOU.

Let our Wizard help you find the right product!

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