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How to view PDF files on your computer screen

To view PDF files on your screen, you need software that can understand the code inside PDF files and rasterize the code so that your computer monitor can display the text and graphics that the code represents. Such software is sometimes referred to as "PDF-viewer software."

For viewing PDF files on the screen, most people use the Adobe Acrobat software or the Adobe Reader software. The Adobe Acrobat software is available for purchase from various software vendors. The Adobe Reader software can be downloaded free of charge from many Web sites. For example, you can download it from:

In addition to Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader, other PDF-viewer software is available from various sources.

How to print PDF files

Most PDF-viewer software lets you print PDF files in addition to viewing them. If you're using PDF-viewer software on a Macintosh computer or a Windows computer, you'll probably be able to print a PDF file by clicking File at the top of the window and then clicking Print.

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