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MYTHS and facts about
variable-data printing
& publishing
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Citation Software Inc.
 Specialists in variable-data publishing since 1986

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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What is variable-data printing and publishing?
If I buy software from your company, how long does it take to get it?
Can I use Microsoft Word to print variable-data documents?
What is on-demand printing and publishing?
What is Web-to-print technology?
My company needs to set up a variable-data-printing/publishing system. Do we need to hire somebody to write custom software?
How can I avoid making expensive mistakes when choosing software and printer(s) for a variable-data-printing system?
How can I avoid making expensive mistakes when choosing software and printer(s) for a Web-to-print system?
What is database publishing?
   See "What is 'variable-data printing and publishing'?"
What is one-to-one (1:1) publishing?
   See "What is 'variable-data printing and publishing'?"
What is personalization software?
What is image personalization?
What is a document-composition engine?
What is a master document in a variable-data-printing workflow?
What is an output format?
   See "'What is a document-composition engine?'"
What is imposition?
What is mailpiece-design software, and where can I find it?
What are Business Reply envelopes/postcards and Courtesy Reply envelopes/postcards?
What does POSTNET stand for?
What is a PLANET bar code?
What is an Intelligent Mail bar code?
What is data hygiene?
What is data enhancement?
What does CASS stand for?
What does PAVE stand for?
What does SERP stand for?
What is copyfitting?
What is text fitting?
   See "What is 'copyfitting'?"
How are oversets handled with a variable-data-publishing system?
   See "What is 'copyfitting'?"
What is whitespace management?
   See "What is 'copyfitting'?"
What is XML, and how does it work?
What is SVG, and how does it work?
What is a PDL?
What is a print stream?
What does WYSIWYG mean?
What is a page-description language?
   See "What is a PDL?"
What is print optimization?
What is PPML?
What is JLYT
What is PPML/VDX?
What is VIPP?
What is Metacode?
What is AFP?
What is AHT Vite?
What is Fiery FreeForm?
What is IPDS?
What is IJPDS?
What is PrintStreamer?
What is VPS?
What is JDF?
What is CIP4?
What is the difference between PDF merging and PDF stamping?
What is Microsoft Metro?
   See "What is XPS?"
What is XPS?
What is PDF form flattening?
   See "What is the difference between PDF merging and PDF stamping?"
What is PDF splitting?
What is PostScript?
What is an Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file?
What is PCL?
What is PDF?
What's the difference between PostScript and PDF?
Why do users sometimes have problems when trying to use Adobe Illustrator to edit a PDF file?
What is PDF/A?
What is PDF/X?
What is FDF?
What is XFDF?
What's the difference between FDF and XFDF?
What is pass4press?
What is a linearized PDF file?
What is a PDF form?
What's the difference between an AcroForm and an XFA-based form?
What is HTML?
What is an HTML form?
What is rasterization?
What is a RIP?
What is Adobe Acrobat?
What is Adobe Acrobat Distiller?
What is an Adobe Acrobat form?
What is a plug-in?
What is an extension (or "XTension")?
    See "What is a 'plug-in'?
What is the difference between a bitmap graphic format and a vector graphic format?
How do you know whether you should use a bitmap format as opposed to a vector format for a particular graphic?
What is ODBC?
What is OCR?
What is a Datamatrix symbol (Datamatrix bar code)?
What is a MaxiCode symbol (MaxiCode bar code)?
What is a PDF417 symbol (PDF417 bar code)?
What is a QR symbol (QR code)?
What is a UPS Code or UPS Bar Code?
   See "What is a MaxiCode symbol?"
What is a watermark?
What is ASP?
What is CRM?
What is metadata?
What is XMP?
What are FIPS codes?

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