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Prices slashed by $1,000.00 on multi-platform, server-based PDF-creation/manipulation software

FEBRUARY 13, 2004 — Prices have been cut by $1,000.00 on several server-based, multi-platform, production-quality PDF-creation/manipulation applications.
AppendPDF Pro

AppendPDF Pro is a command-line application that can be used to create a dynamic, production-quality book-publishing workflow. You can extract specified pages or page ranges from a PDF file or from a collection of PDF files to create your new document. AppendPDF Pro also allows you to add text or JPEG images to your new document, add dynamically generated page numbers (including Bates numbering), add a cover page, create Table of Contents pages with hyperlinks, and much more.

Formerly priced at $3,995.00 US; AppendPDF Pro is now available for only $2,995.00 US.

To get more details, click the "Learn more about AppendPDF Pro" button.


FDFMerge is a command-line application that allows a programmer to populate form fields on a PDF form with: and save the completed form on a server.

You can also do cropping; control text color and justification; control word spacing, character spacing and line spacing; use bar-code fonts; linearize and encrypt the completed files, and much more.

The following form-field types are supported: buttons, check boxes, combo boxes, list boxes, radio buttons, single-line text fields, multi-line text fields.

FDFMerge used to sell for $2,995.00 US, but the new price is only $1,995.00 US.

To get more details about FDFMerge, click the "Learn more about FDFMerge" button below.

StampPDF Batch

StampPDF Batch is a command-line application that lets you add text and JPEG Images to a single PDF file or to multiple PDF files.

You can use StampPDF Batch to put watermarks such as "Confidential" or "Draft" on the pages of your PDF documents. You can also use StampPDF Batch to add PDF document names, revision numbers, date/time stamps, page numbers (including Bates numbering), contact information, or any text.

StampPDF Batch allows you to have a great deal of control over the attributes of the text and graphics that are being added to your file. For example, when you are adding text you can specify the font name, font size, position, angle (i.e., orientation), color, word wrapping (on or off), and more. And when you are adding a JPEG image, you can specify a scale factor to render it at a size other than its original size.

StampPDF Batch is now priced at $1,995.00 US, down $1,000.00 from the old price of $2,995.00 US.

To get more details, click the "Learn more about StampPDF Batch" button.

Free trial versions of all of these products are available.

To purchase one of these products, or to obtain additional information, contact Citation Software by phone at 888-260-7316, or send email to


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