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Atlas Software offers $5995 cross-platform dongle for PrintShop Mail

OCTOBER 31, 2002 — Atlas Software has introduced its cross-platform dongle for PrintShop Mail. The cross-platform dongle, which sells for $5,995.00 US, can be plugged into either a Macintosh computer or a Windows computer.

What is PrintShop Mail?

PrintShop Mail is a powerful, easy-to-use software solution for variable-data printing (aka personalization, or personalized printing). The PrintShop Mail software, which is available for the Macintosh platform and the Windows platform, lets you get from concept to production quickly because it lets you use a PDF file file as your "boilerplate" or "master" document. This means that virtually any software package can be used to create your boilerplate document. For example, you can use QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, or Microsoft Word to lay out your boilerplate document. Then, just convert it to PDF format, and you're ready to start using PrintShop Mail to set up a personalized document!

What is a dongle?

A dongle, which is also called a "hardware key," is a device that plugs into your computer and can be programmed to enable or disable certain features of a software program that is running on that computer. The PrintShop Mail software is set up so that you can use it without a dongle to do most things, but if you want to print final versions of your documents, the dongle is needed. That's because the PrintShop Mail software is designed so that — if you're using it without a dongle — it will only allow you to print a small number of documents at a time, and each page of each document that you print without a dongle has the words "PrintShop Mail" printed on it in big letters. As soon as you plug the PrintShop Mail dongle into your computer, these limitations go away. That is: if you're using the dongle, you can print as many documents as you want in one print job, and the pages do not have the big "PrintShop Mail" watermark on them.

This scheme allows you to use the PrintShop Mail software without a dongle to design your variable-data documents (because the watermarks and the limit on the number of documents does not affect the design process), but you'll need the dongle when it's time to print the final versions of your documents.

How does the cross-platform dongle work?

The cross-platform dongle is a single hardware key that works on both Macintosh computers and Windows computers, and it's easy to move it from one computer to another. The PrintShop Mail CD comes with the Windows version and the Macintosh version of the PrintShop Mail software on it, so you can install PrintShop Mail on both kinds of machines. By planning how you use the dongle, you can actually have more than one person using PrintShop Mail at the same time. For example, if your PrintShop Mail dongle is plugged into your Macintosh computer, the person that's using the Macintosh computer can be printing final versions of variable-data documents — and at the same time, somebody else can be using the Windows version of PrintShop Mail, without the dongle, to design a new variable-data document.

How to get more details or buy

To find out more about PrintShop Mail and the cross-platform dongle, or to make a purchase, contact Citation Software by phone at 888-260-7316, or send an email message to

If you already own a Windows or Macintosh PrintShop Mail dongle and want to upgrade to the cross-platform dongle, call the phone number above or send email to the email address above to get pricing details.

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