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New version of FusionPro variable-data-printing software has imposition capabilities; supports Adobe Acrobat 7 on both Macintosh and Windows

SEPTEMBER 8, 2005 — The next release of the "FusionPro" software family, FusionPro Version 3.1, will include a full-featured imposition solution. The imposed output that is generated by this solution will be fully optimized, which means that documents should print at or near rated speed on your digital printer or digital press.

This is very good news for users of FusionPro, a suite of easy-to-use, state-of-the-art variable-data-printing solutions.

And if you've been holding back from investing in variable-data-printing software because you need imposition capabilities, you should consider investing in the FusionPro software. At $4,200.00 US plus $756.00 US for the annual support & maintenance fee, the FusionPro Desktop software is a great value.

Imposition schemes/features in FusionPro Version 3.1

FusionPro 3.1's new imposition GUI allows a user to specify imposition templates. Imposition schemes and features include
  • Multi-up, simplex and duplex.
  • Saddle-stitched booklets.
  • Folded cards (folds can be horizontal or vertical).
  • Perfect-bound booklets. (Note that the finishing commands are not included, but the sheets are imposed so they can be cut and finished.)
  • X, Y, Z ordering, with automatic repeat in any order.
  • Slip sheets.
  • Cut-stack sorting. This is an imposition scheme that allows for preservation of postal-sorting order with a multi-up layout. This is important if, for example, you're printing postcards 4-up on 8½ x 11 inch card stock and then cutting the sheets into four stacks.

Other new features in FusionPro Version 3.1

This new version of FusionPro also includes the following new features:
  • Improvements related to absolute leading (i.e., line spacing).
  • Support for Adobe Acrobat 7 on Macintosh computers. (NOTE: Adobe Acrobat 7 is already supported on Windows computers in the current version of FusionPro.)
  • Support for Adobe InDesign CS2.
  • Support for recurring jobs in PPML.
  • Text export from InDesign.
  • SNAP PPML improvements.

Demos planned for Print 05 conference; free on-line demos available from Citation Software

Version 3.1 of the FusionPro software will be demonstrated at the Print 05 conference in Chicago September 9-15, 2005. If you're planning to attend Print 05, contact Citation Software at, 888-260-7316 to find out how to see a FusionPro demonstration at Print 05.

You can also make arrangements with Citation Software to get a free on-line demonstration of the FusionPro software. It's easy to participate in one of our free on-line demos. You don't even have to leave your desk! It takes only a half hour or so, and all you need are a computer, a Web browser, and a telephone. Contact us for details.

General information about the FusionPro software

The FusionPro products are variable-data-printing/publishing solutions that run on Macintosh computers and Windows computers. FusionPro Desktop is designed to be used interactively, from the desktop; whereas FusionPro Server lets you set up an automated, server-based document-production workflow. Both FusionPro Desktop and FusionPro Server allow you to create customized, high-quality, full-color, format-intensive documents on paper or in electronic format.

When using the FusionPro software, you can utilize virtually any software tool to create your master documents (also known as "boilerplate documents"). Then, working from within Adobe Acrobat, you use a point-and-click system to associate variable text and variable graphics with specified areas on your document.

If you are a Quark user or an InDesign user, you'll enjoy special advantages when working with FusionPro, because FusionPro comes with an InDesign plug-in and a Quark XTension that facilitates creation of master (boilerplate) documents.

The FusionPro software allows for a high degree of control over layout and typography. Because it is capable of generating several different output formats, it supports most of the commonly used printers and RIPS. Supported output formats include PostScript, EFI PPML. HP PPML, single-file VPS, multi-file VPS, PPML/VDX (also known as "VDX"), PDF, and VIPP.

You can get additional information about the FusionPro software at



The FusionPro Desktop software costs $4,200.00 US plus $756.00 US for the annual maintenance & support fee (a total of $4,956.00 US). Note that Citation Software offers a lease-to-own program that lets you get started with FusionPro for only about $200 US per month!

Pricing for the FusionPro Server software varies, depending upon specific requirements.


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