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Software for creating email messages with personalized images: only $1,475 through June 30, 2012

MAY 13, 2012. Until recently, you had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get software for creating email messages with personalized images.

(When we use the term "personalized images," we mean, for example, images of people's names written in sand or written with clouds in the sky or spelled out with berries.)


But things have changed. Now you can get software that handles this task for only $1,475.00 US. Your cost will be even less than that if you own the FusionPro Desktop software, the FusionPro VDP Creator software, or the FusionPro Expression Creator software.

How is this possible? The new HTML Output Option in the latest version of the FusionPro VDP software (Version 8) is the key.

The process

You'll need FusionPro VDP Creator (formerly known as FusionPro Desktop*), and you'll also need FusionPro Expression Creator. Through the end of June you can get both products for only $1,475.00 US by purchasing our FusionPro Image-Personalization Bundle. See below to find out how to buy.

Here is an overview of the procedure you'll follow to create HTML email messages containing personalized images. (Detailed instructions are provided in the FusionPro VDP Creator User Guide.)
  • Set up FusionPro Expression Creator with the template you want to use for your personalized images.

  • Use FusionPro VDP Creator to design the layout of your email message.

  • In FusionPro VDP Creator, click FusionPro > Compose, click the Output tab, select HTML Email for the Output Format, click the Options... button, and enter the required information.

  • Create a JavaScript callback rule that will assign a unique filename to each output file.

  • Compose the output.

  • Open your email-distribution program and paste in the contents of the HTML output file created by FusionPro VDP Creator.

  • Copy the .jpg image files created by the FusionPro composition process to the folder specified by the URL you entered in the Base URL for images box.
Your email-distribution system should now be set up to include the appropriate personalized image in each email message it sends out.

This system will work whether you're sending out the email messages yourself or whether you're using an email-distribution service such as ExactTarget, provided your email-distribution system allows you to make use of variables.

What else can you do with this software?

FusionPro VDP Creator is full-featured variable-data-data-printing/publishing software that allows you to create variable-data documents from your desktop. The documents can contain variable text, variable bar codes, and variable images.

FusionPro Expression Creator is image-personalization software designed for use with FusionPro VDP Creator. When you use these two products together, your documents can contain personalized images in addition to the other kinds of variable elements mentioned above.

The documents can be printed on paper or generated in various electronic formats.

Free tryout

You can try out FusionPro VDP Creator and FusionPro Expression Creator free of charge for 15 days. Call us at 888-260-7316 to arrange your free tryout.

Special pricing available through June 30, 2012

Through the end of June you can purchase our FusionPro Image-Personalization Bundle for only 1,475.00 US.** This bundle includes FusionPro VDP Creator Version 8 and FusionPro Expression Creator Version 3.

If you own FusionPro Desktop Version 5, 6, or 7, you can upgrade to FusionPro VDP Creator Version 8 for $479.00 US,** and you can purchase FusionPro Expression Version 3 for $769.00 US, bringing your total cost to only $1,258.00 US**.

How to buy

Purchasing on line at our Web Store is the fastest and easiest way to buy.

We're happy to accept your order via phone or fax if you prefer not to purchase on line. To order by phone, call 888-260-7316. To order via fax, download our order form, fill it out, and fax it to 207-433-1160.

*FusionPro VDP Creator is the new name for the FusionPro Desktop technology. With the release of Version 8, the product's name was changed from FusionPro Desktop to FusionPro VDP Creator. You can upgrade to FusionPro VDP Creator Version 8 from FusionPro Desktop Version 5, 6, or 7 for $479.00 US.

**Our company is authorized to sell this software to customers in North America only.


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