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FusionPro VDP Suite 8 has been released

APR 2, 2012. FusionPro VDP Suite 8 is now available. This software suite consists of:
  • FusionPro VDP Creator
  • FusionPro VDP Producer
  • FusionPro VDP Producer (API)
These powerful and versatile variable-data-publishing solutions are enhanced versions of their FusionPro Version 7 predecessors: FusionPro Desktop, FusionPro Direct, and FusionPro Server.

The FusionPro VDP Suite 8 software supports a number of new features, including Mac OSX Lion support, HTML email output that allows users without HTML skills to create personalized email messages, integrated CASS/NCOA data cleansing, and setting passwords in Javascript.

Here's a summary of the new features:
Mac OSX Lion support
You now have the ability to create your FusionPro templates and compose them on Apple's newest operating system.

HTML output
The Version 8 software has a new HTML output option that's useful to customers who have a relationship with an email-distribution service (for example, ExactTarget). When the HTML output option is selected, the output produced by FusionPro includes a single HTML file and a collection of JPG files to be used in an email campaign that will be distributed by an automated email-hosting system. More details on this feature can be found in the new User Guide on Page 229.

FusionPro VDP Creator Version 8 can make use of technology from Wisconsin-based Tec Mailing Solutions to provide postal data cleansing. Name-and-address files can be uploaded to a Tec Mailing server for CASS and NCOA data cleansing, allowing you to gain access to preferred postal rates. CASS/NCOA data-cleansing jobs are billed to a credit card on a per-file basis; a "pay-as-you-go" pricing model is used. Cleansed files are downloaded to your computer and can be automatically re-connected to your FusionPro template. Currently this feature is available on Windows only.

Rounded rectangles
FusionPro 8.0 allows you to set the rectangular outline of a frame to have rounded edges. You can access this new corner radius option in the frame properties palette. Please note that text wrap is applied to the original rectangular frame, so text insets should be used to compensate.

For images, when clipping is on, the clipping area applies to the frame itself and not to the image content. Best results will be achieved by setting the scaling to either proportional fill or fill. Output formats that support clipping on rounded frames are PDF, PDF/VT, VDX, and PostScript.

Oval frames
The ability to change a graphic frame shape from the default rectangle to an oval has been added in FusionPro 8.0. This exciting new feature allows the designer greater flexibility in their designs. You can switch between the two shapes by clicking on the frame shape icon that is located on the graphic frame palette.

For best results, you will want to turn clipping on to clip the graphic to the frame and you will want to scale the graphic as either proportional fill or fill. Please note that clipped images in oval frames is only supported in PDF, PDF/VT, VDX and PostScript output formats.

Feathering effects
The graphic frame palette now allows you to apply feathering to an oval graphic frame. When using this feature, keep in mind that the larger the value specified, the more gradual the feather effect is from the center to the edge of the image.

When clipping, the feathering is applied to the edge of the frame and not the graphic, so this effect looks best when the image is scaled to proportional fill or fill. However, when clipping is off, the feathering is applied to the graphic itself whether or not it exceeds the frame size. Please keep in mind that feathering is supported only with the PDF and PDF/VT output formats, and realize you might experience speed degradation on the RIP because of the intense processing needed to create this effect.

Moving frames in Javascript
In FusionPro Producer or FusionPro Producer (API) — formerly FusionPro Direct or FusionPro Server, respectively — the ability to move a frame's position and size can be controlled in JavaScript using the OnRecordStart callback rule. If the template is designed in FusionPro VDP Designer or FusionPro VDP Creator —formerly FusionPro Designer or FusionPro Desktop, respectively — the moved/resized frame will be highlighted in the output to allow for preview. At production time, the files will need to be composed using FusionPro VDP Producer or FusionPro VDP Producer (API).

Arbitrarily adjusting stacking
With these new FusionPro versions, imposition stacks can be broken based on data input. This is important in postal sorting when you want to break the stack if a new zipcode is encountered, or if you want stack breaks to be based on the number of cards that fit into a mail tray. A new function has been added, FieldChanged, which indicates if the value of the record changed from the previous record to the current one. In addition, there is a new JavaScript property, PreviousRecordFields, which allows you to access the value of the field in the last record. More information and code examples are provided in the new User Guide on Page 227.

Manual breaking of output files
Enhanced control for outputting to multiple files during composition has been added to these new FusionPro versions. In addition to the previously supported feature that lets you output a new file based on record count, you can create a new output file when a field in the data input changes. For example, you could use the FieldChanged function in the OnRecordStart rule to create a new output file when a data field for a state or zip code changes. More information and a code example is provided on Page 228 in the new User Guide. Also on this page is information pertaining to multiple output files when used in conjunction with stacking.

Setting password in Javascript
The new FusionPro software give you the ability to set a different password for each PDF output file that is generated during composition. This is useful for distribution of unique files amongst recipients. In the OnRecordStart rule, use FusionPro.Composition.OutputFile.openDocPassword to change the password to a field value in the data input or any other value. In addition, the password to change the security on the document can be set using FusionPro.Composition.OutputFile.changeSecurityPassword.

Image improvement in PPML
The new FusionPro software allows for greater speeds when generating optimized images in PPML. Turning on the native image mode feature allows the original source image to be used, which speeds up processing. This feature is particularly useful in templates that use personalized images. Please keep in mind that not all RIPs support all image formats, so if you see undesireable output, then you need to turn off this feature.


You can upgrade to FusionPro VDP Creator 8.x from FusionPro Desktop 5.x, 6.x, or 7.x for $479.00 US.

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You can purchase some of the FusionPro products (including upgrades) on line at our Web Store, and that is the fastest and easiest way to purchase.
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If you're interested in one of the FusionPro products that's not offered on our Web Store, or if you prefer not to buy on line, you can place your order by phone or fax. To order by phone, call 888-260-7316. To order by fax, download our order form, fill it out, and fax it to 207-433-1160.

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