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Atlas Software releases PrintShop Mail Version 5 for Windows & Mac

Atlas Software B.V., creator of the "PrintShop Mail" variable-data-printing solution, has released Version 5 of PrintShop Mail for Windows and Macintosh computers.

Citation Software is an authorized reseller of PrintShop Mail. Read about the new PrintShop Mail features described below, and be sure to give us a call at 888-260-7316 if you have questions. Also, note that you can download a free trial version of PrintShop Mail from the Citation Software Web site (see below).

Version 5 for Windows

Version 5 of PrintShop Mail for Windows has the following new features:
  • Text Overflow: The Text Overflow feature lets you flow content dynamically from one text area ("text box") to another. This powerful feature has many uses. For example, you can use it to create transactional documents (invoices, statements, etc.).

  • Copyfitting (also known as "text fitting"): This powerful feature lets you instruct PrintShop Mail to re-size text if it won't fit into the designated area. This allows you to do worry-free creation of variable-data documents without previewing them on the screen before printing.

  • CMYK support for variable text: This feature lets you specify the exact percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black that you want PrintShop Mail to use for individual variable-text elements.

  • Snap content to frame, Snap frame to content: These features assist with horizontal and vertical alignment of text elements and graphical elements.

  • Extended conditional logic functions in the Expression Builder: The PrintShop Mail Expression Builder, already powerful before implementation of the Version 5 enhancements, lets you do things like instruct PrintShop Mail to make "if-then" decisions, parse and reformat text, and more.

  • An improved GUI: Ease of use has always been a strong selling point for PrintShop Mail — now it's easier to use than ever!

  • A newer implementation of the PPML output technology: PPML has been "beefed up" in this new version of PrintShop Mail.

Version 5 for Macintosh

The new Mac version of PrintShop Mail has been entirely rewritten to ensure optimal processing speeds, and it is made for OS X, Panther version. It has the look and feel of a true OS X product.

What else can PrintShop Mail do?

In addition to the enhancements described above, PrintShop Mail has many more great capabilities, including these:
  • Lets you use any application to create your master documents ("boilerplate documents").

  • Variable text: include particular sentences, paragraphs, or entire pages depending on database contents.

  • Variable graphics: put different pictures on individual documents, depending on database contents.

  • Dynamic numbering: You can use this feature to generate page numbers, ticket numbers, document numbers, etc. You can also do Bates stamping.

  • Multiple-document layout: print several documents on the same page

  • Fine control over typography

  • Conditional processing

  • Support for many different printing devices — from desktop laser printers all the way up to large production printers such as Xerox DocuTechs.

  • Prints FAST on both black-and-white and color printers.

  • Lets you use databases in many different formats

  • Lets you connect directly to your data source via ODBC.

  • Supports many different bar-code formats; comes with a library of bar-code fonts.

  • Allows you to turn off spooling, if desired.


Pricing starts at $1,395.00 US.

Download free trial software now!

You can download a free trial version of PrintShop Mail right now! Just click the button below.

Want more details?

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Give us a call at 888-260-7316.

About Atlas Software B.V.

Atlas Software B.V., founded in 1989 in The Netherlands, is a leading developer of software aimed at optimizing and simplifying information flow. Atlas is committed to achieving higher print-communication value through personalization. Atlas maintains offices in North America and the Netherlands and is represented in Japan.


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