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PitStop Professional Version 11 and PitStop Server Version 11 have been released.
Special introductory pricing is available through June 30, 2012.

MAY 3, 2012. PitStop Professional 11 and PitStop Server 11 are now available!

Some powerful new features are packed into Version 11 of these very-popular preflight products. Special introductory pricing is available through June 30, 2012.

New features

Smart Preflight & Correction

Both PitStop Professional 11 and PitStop Server 11 contain the new Smart Preflight & Correction System, a more-accurate and more-flexible way of preflighting and correcting files to specific production requirements.

Prior to Version 11, a PitStop Preflight Profile could only contain fixed checks and corrections — e.g., the resolution of an image must be higher than 300 dpi, or the page size should be A4. However, every job is different and comes with its specific order and production requirements. This meant that many different Preflight Profiles or a few very general Preflight Profiles were required for different types of jobs. Doing things this way meant that preflighting and corrections were not as specific and not as accurate as most users would desire.

To address this issue, the Smart Preflight & Correction System was developed. This sytem relies on the concept of "Variable Sets," a group of variables to be used when preflighting or correcting PDF files. At runtime, the PitStop Smart Preflight & Correction System replaces these variables with the right values for the job. The result is higher-quality PDFs.
PitStop Professional software PitStop Professional is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that can perform a wide range of checks on just about every imaginable PDF element and can correct some kinds ofPDF problems.
PitStop Server software PitStop Server is an automated preflighting and correction tool for high-volume PDF workflows. It instantly analyzes, corrects, reports on and routes files based on the most stringent of requirements.

Smarter text editing

The new Find and Replace text tool allows users to quickly locate specific text segments and immediately replace them. For example, you can easily correct misspellings globally, apply new branding styles, and more. These changes can be implemented easily and are handled quickly and efficiently, saving precious time.

Merge characters and words into text lines.

PitStop Professional 11 makes smart text manipulation easy with a new tool to re-merge split text segments automatically into a single line. This new feature eliminates the struggle of working with separate text segments and provides a more comfortable way to correct mistakes and to edit and re-position text.

Other new features

Other features new in Version 11 include a streamlined user interface along with an easier way to activate and deactivate your PitStop software,

Free trial versions available

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Special introductory pricing available through June 30, 2012

Through the end of June 2012, you can buy PitStop Professional 11 for the special introductory price of $665.00 US, and you can buy PitStop Server 11 for the special introductory price of $3,100.00 US.

The fastest and easiest way to purchase is to buy on line at our Web Store.


We're happy to accept your order via phone or fax if you prefer not to buy on line. To order by phone, call 888-260-7316. To order via fax, download our order form, fill it out, and fax it to 207-433-1160.

Need more information?

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Click here to get more information about PitStop Server.
Of course, you may feel free to call us at 888-260-7316 and discuss any questions you may have.

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