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New PrintShop Mail features for

You can now print Intelligent Mail bar codes and 2D symbols with PrintShop Mail!

March 14, 2008 — The latest version of PrintShop Mail for Windows (Version 6.0.2 build 2) allows you to print bar codes and 2D (two-dimensional) symbols that aren't supported in older versions of PrintShop Mail:
  • Intelligent Mail bar code: replaces POSTNET and PLANET bar codes

  • Datamatrix symbol: used on electronic components; also used in automated document-finishing workflows

  • MaxiCode symbol: used by UPS (United Parcel Service)

  • PDF417 symbol: stores huge amount of data; used on ID cards and other documents

Intelligent Mail bar code

U.S. Postal Service Intelligent Mail bar codes let you route and track mail with a single bar code. Formerly known as the "OneCode" or the "4-state bar code," the Intelligent Mail bar code is slated to replace the POSTNET and PLANET bar codes in 2009. No need to wait until 2009 to start using Intelligent Mail bar codes — start printing them now with PrintShop Mail!

An Intelligent Mail bar code

To find out how to use PrintShop Mail to print Intelligent Mail bar codes, click this link:

You can download PrintShop Mail Version 6.0.2 build 2 from our Web site if you don't have it already — just go to, scroll down the alphabetized list until you come to PrintShop Mail for Windows, and click the "Download it" button.

If you find that PrintShop Mail Version 6.0.2 build 2 doesn't work with your PrintShop Mail dongle, you'll probably need to purchase an upgrade.* To purchase it, call us at 888-260-7316.

• Datamatrix symbol (a.k.a. Datamatrix 2D bar code)
• MaxiCode symbol (a.k.a. UPS code)
• PDF417 symbol (a.k.a. PDF417 bar code)

With Version 6.0.2 build 2 of PrintShop Mail for Windows, you can print Datamatrix symbols, MaxiCode symbols, and PDF417 symbols if you download the free PrintShop Mail Bar Code Plug-In.

Datamatrix, MaxiCode, and PDF417 are known as 2D (two-dimensional) symbols; they are sometimes referred to as 2D bar codes. They can store much more information than the 1D (one-dimensional) bar codes that you're probably accustomed to using, such as Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, UPC.

Here are brief descriptions of the three kinds of 2D symbols that are supported by the PrintShop Mail Bar Code Plug-In:

Datamatrix symbols

Datamatrix symbols are used to put identifying information on very small items (electronic components, for example), and they're often used on printed materials such as letters, labels, and envelopes so they can be tracked by cameras and electronic scanners. For example, courier services use Datamatrix symbols to capture information about delivery, and envelope-inserting devices used by the printing industry make use of Datamatrix symbols to match printed envelopes with the documents to be inserted into the envelopes (to make sure that the right documents get inserted into the right envelopes). For more information, go to

A Datamatrix symbol

MaxiCode symbols

MaxiCode symbols are used by UPS (United Parcel Service) to facilitate automated sorting and addressing of packages. MaxiCode symbols are also known as "UPS Codes." For more information, go to

A MaxiCode symbol

PDF417 symbols

PDF417 symbols can store very large amounts of data (one PDF417 symbol can carry up to 1.1 kilobytes of data). A PDF417 symbol can contain biometric data such as photographs, fingerprints, and signatures, as well as text, numerics and graphics. PDF417 symbols are currently being used on drivers' licenses, social-services ID cards, national ID cards, and many other kinds of documents. For more information, go to

A PDF417 symbol

As stated above, to print these 2D symbols with PrintShop Mail you'll need PrintShop Mail for Windows Version 6.0.2 build 2 (or above), and you'll also need the PrintShop Mail Bar Code Plug-In. You can download these for free from the Downloads page on our Web site. If PrintShop Mail Version 6.0.2 doesn't work with your PrintShop Mail dongle, you'll probably need to purchase an upgrade.* To arrange the purchase, call us at 888-260-7316.


If you have questions about the information here, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. As stated above, you can reach us by phone at 888-260-7316. If you prefer to send email, please send it to

*If your PrintShop Mail dongle works on a Macintosh computer but not on a Windows computer, you can upgrade it so that it will work on both kinds of computers. If your PrintShop Mail maintenance & support fees are paid to date, this will be a FREE upgrade for you. Otherwise, you'll need to pay for the upgrade. (Maintenance & support is also known as "PrintShop Mail Care.")

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