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Quite Hot Imposing 5 and Quite Imposing Plus 5 have been released

January 12, 2020

Quite Software last week released Version 5 of the popular Quite Hot Imposing software and Quite Imposing Plus software.

Scroll down to see the list of new features.

New licenses and upgrades for both these products are available from Citation Software at discounted prices. And, new licenses and upgrades for Quite Hot Imposing 5 are on sale through the month of January 2020. In other words, our always-attractive Quite Hot Imposing pricing is even more attractive this month.

      Quite Hot Imposing Go to the Quite Hot Imposing section of our Web Store now

      Quite Imposing Plus Go to the Quite Imposing Plus section of our Web Store now

Pay half now and half later

If you like, you can use our Financing Option to get started with Version 5 of either or both of these products by paying just half the software price up front. Your credit card or debit card will be charged for half of the software price when you place your order, and approximately 30 days later we will email a link you can use to pay the remaining half. No credit check is required. You can choose the Financing Option when making a purchase in our Web Store.

Free upgrades for some customers

Some customers are entitled to FREE upgrades to Quite Hot Imposing 5 and Quite Imposing Plus 5. If you purchased a new license or upgrade for Quite Hot Imposing 4 or Quite Imposing Plus 4 anytime between October 1, 2019 and January 6, 2020, inclusive, you can upgrade to Version 5 of your product free of charge. Contact us to get your free upgrade. Our company can provide your free upgrade even if you purchased your Version 4 product from a different company.

What are Quite Hot Imposing and Quite Imposing Plus?

Quite Hot Imposing is standalone software that handles page-imposition tasks and many related tasks. Features include bookletting, N-up, step and repeat, scaling pages, variable text and graphics driven by a TXT file or CSV file, adding and removing whitepace at the edges of pages, obscuring text and graphics in specified areas, page numbering (including Bates), and much more. Most people use Quite Hot Imposing's hot-folder feature to process jobs. If you're a programmer, you can invoke Quite Hot Imposing directly, without using hot folders.

Quite Imposing Plus is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that has virtually all the features Quite Hot Imposing has. To process jobs with Quite Imposing Plus, you point and click from within Adobe Acrobat.

As mentioned, these products can produce variable-data documents driven by a TXT file or CSV file. This is a feature that is not supported by most page-imposition software.
best price on Quite Hot Imposing watch this video to see how easy it is to use Quite Hot Imposing

      Quite Hot Imposing Click here to request a free demo version of Quite Hot Imposing 5

      Quite Imposing Plus Click here to request a free demo version of Quite Imposing Plus 5

New features in Version 5

Quite Hot Imposing 5 and Quite Imposing Plus 5 have the following new features.

Catalina support: Support for major changes in macOS 10.15 (Catalina).

Variable-data enhancements: Using a CSV or TXT file, add text or pictures to many PDF pages.

Control-panel customization: Add new panels, add sequences.

Automation sequences – partials: Automation sequences can do "partials" to split jobs or process parts separately. Results can be merged or left separate.

Enhancements to N-up: Can flow backs from right to left for easier layout, especially for ad hoc jobs.

Enhancements to Creep: Creep can use scaling instead of shift so that no content is lost.

Page-size monitor: Shows live size including bleed info for open document.

Enhanced performance: Manual-imposition performance is greatly improved for some large files.

Easier Trim & Shift: Add or crop all four edges by a fixed amount.

Conditions in automation sequences: Conditions allow more flexibility – for example, different jobs based on page count, page sizes, or metadata such as filename or keywords.

Import sequences and steps: Can be imported from other sequences or from XML files. Sequences can be filtered by name.

Error/warning messages for conditions: Conditions can issue an error or warning message and stop a job if there is a problem such as wrong page size or wrong page count.

For more information, contact us or visit our Web Store.

Let our Wizard help you find the right product!

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