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New Realtime SmartMover service enables NCOA (Move Update) processing 24x7

November 19, 2008 — A new add-on to the MAILERS+4 Professional software allows users to do "Move Update" processing 24x7 via the Internet.

Move Update is the U.S. Postal Service's term for an automated process that uses software to add to a name-and-address file new addresses for individuals, families, and businesses that have submitted change-of-address forms to the U.S. Postal Service. Move Update processing is also known as "change-of-address" processing or "NCOA" processing.

$950 per year for unlimited use!

Named "Realtime SmartMover," this new Internet-based service is a bargain: a one-year subscription costs only $950 US and allows the user to process an unlimited number of records!

How it works

The Realtime SmartMover service works in conjunction with the MAILERS+4 Professional CASS software. A feature within MAILERS+4 Professional lets you upload your name-and-address file to the Realtime SmartMover server. After the server has processed your file, you'll receive a link that lets you download a new version of your file that was created by the Realtime SmartMover server.

New U.S. Postal Service ruling takes effect November 23, 2008

If you do bulk mailing for a living, you'll want to consider purchasing a subscription to Realtime SmartMover, because — as you might already know — a new U.S. Postal Service ruling that takes effect November 23, 2008 imposes stringent "Move Update" requirements for bulk mail: the new ruling increases the minimum required frequency of Move Update processing from 185 calendar days to 95 calendar days prior to the date of mailing.

If you offer bulk-mailing services, this new U.S. Postal Service ruling will force you to do even more Move Update processing than you've done in the past — and this puts additional pressure on you! You might not always have time to wait for an outside service to process your mailing lists for change-of-address updates. Sometimes, even same-day processing won't be fast enough to meet your customers' deadlines!

NCOA License not required

It is not necessary to obtain an NCOA License from the U.S. Postal Service to use the Realtime SmartMover service.

Realtime SmartMover makes you more agile

A subscription to Realtime SmartMover gives you the means to be even more agile than you already are when it comes to meeting your customers' deadlines. With your Realtime SmartMover subscription, you'll be able to do quick-turnaround Move Update processing anytime you need to, even in the middle of the night!

In addition to the Unlimited Realtime SmartMover subscription that's offered for $950 US per year, three other kinds of Realtime SmartMover subscriptions are available:
  1. Realtime SmartMover 100,000-Record Subscription: $275 US
    allows you to process up to 100,000 records in a year

  2. Realtime SmartMover 300,000-Record Subscription: $565 US
    allows you to process up to 300,000 records in a year

  3. Realtime SmartMover 500,000-Record Subscription: $755 US
    allows you to process up to 500,000 records in a year

MAILERS+4 Professional software is required

As mentioned above, Realtime SmartMover is an add-on to the MAILERS+4 Professional software — so you'll need the MAILERS+4 Professional software in order to use Realtime SmartMover. Click here to get information about MAILERS+4 Professional.


If you have questions about Realtime SmartMover or about the MAILERS+4 Professional software, give us a call at 888-260-7316.

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