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Citation Software Inc.
 Specialists in variable-data publishing since 1986

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Buy our software for $0 down, no payments for first 3 months OR $99 down, $99 for first 6 months

APRIL 10, 2009 — Times are tough! For many companies, cash flow is a problem because of our nation's economic difficulties.

We want to make it EASY for you to buy our software, so we're offering two special financing deals:
  1. $0 down, no payments for first 3 months, pay only $149 months 4-6

  2. $99 down, $99 for first 6 months
After the first 6 months, the amount of the required payment is dependent upon the cost of the product(s) purchased.

It's easier than you think!

Using one of these payment plans to buy software is easier than you might think! Here's why:
  • Credit applications are usually approved within 2-4 hours.

  • You don't need a great credit rating! There's a very good chance that you can get financing even if your credit history is problematic.

  • No problem if your company is a start-up!

  • You don't need to provide company financial statements!

Payment plan can be tailored to your needs

In addition to the payment plans described above, other plans are available: seasonal plans, deferral plans, "skip-a-payment" plans, and more. Get creative — tell us what kind of plan will work for you!

Tax advantages

Our payment plans are classified as leasing plans, even though you will in fact own the software after you've made all the payments. This provides your company with substantial tax advantages that you won't get if you pay with cash or finance with a traditional bank loan.

Don't wait — maximize your tax benefit this year by taking advantage of the recently modified IRS Section 179, which allows businesses to write off up to $108,000. Alternatively, write off 100% of each monthly payment as an operating expense throughout the entire term of the agreement.

What products can you buy?

Here's a partial list of the products that you can buy with these special payment plans.

DesignMerge Pro:
WYSIWYG variable-data-printing (VDP) software that works from within InDesign or Quark.
image-personalization software that lets you print personalized images (people's names written in the sand, written in the clouds, spelled with cake frosting, more).
PitStop Server:
Server-based preflighting and auto-correction tool. Does not rely on Adobe Acrobat.
  PrintShop Mail:
WYSIWYG variable-data-printing software for adding variable text, variable graphics, and variable bar codes to PDF documents. Can also be used independent of PDF documents.
a powerful merge/purge application for cleaning up name-and-address data and other kinds of data.
WYSIWYG variable-data-printing (VDP) software that creates data-driven charts and supports many different kinds of printers: PCL, PostScript, AFPDS, IJPDS, more.
A powerful software system with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to automate repetitive tasks that you are now doing manually.
  Quite Hot Imposing:
A stand-alone, server-based application for automating page-imposition tasks and related tasks with hot folders.
PrintShop Mail Web:
An affordable, template-based Web-to-print system that you run on your own Windows server.

Call today!

Call us at 888-260-7316 and tell us what will work for you in terms of financing.

Let our Wizard help you find the right product!

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