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Edmond R&D releases "PPML2PS" — an Open Source PPML consumer for converting PPML to PostScript

JULY 26, 2002Edmond R&D's Open Source project has released the first version of PPML2PS. PPML2PS is a non-imposing PPML Consumer that converts PPML 2.0 with PostScript objects to DSC-compliant PostScript Level 2 output.

PostScript forms are used to encode reusable content. This speeds printing of variable-data print jobs (personalized print jobs), which typically contain lots of redundant data. Careful management of this redundant data is key to speedy printing of large jobs. The reusable-content-encoding paradigm utilized by PPML2PS addresses this issue.

Job Ticketing

PPML2PS supports Simple Ticket Format (STF), allowing dynamic media selection and simplex/duplex switching from within PPML. Note that STF can be translated into Job Definition Format (JDF) using a simple XSLT script that is available from Edmond R&D.

Supported Features
  • PPML 1.5/2.0

  • PostScript content data and resources (Level 2)

  • external resource retrieval via file and http

  • version control for external resources (via MD5 checksums)

  • tickets in Simple Ticket Format (STF) — note that only MEDIA and DUPLEX are implemented

  • caching of external resources

  • URI mapping to local files (for DTDs, schemas, etc.)

Unsupported Features




  • global reusable objects

How to get PPML2PS

Source code and documentation for PPML2PS can be found at

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