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PRINT01 Conference takes place in Chicago September 6-13, 2001

JULY 29, 2001 — The "PRINT" conference is held every four years. At the 2001 "PRINT" conference, aptly named "PRINT01," thousands of print/publishing professionals from around the globe will gather at McCormick Place in Chicago.

If possible, you should plan to attend this exciting event, where you can

  • Talk face-to-face with the folks who develop and sell state-of-the-art hardware products and software products.
  • See product demonstrations.
  • Test-drive new hardware and software.
  • Broaden your understanding of technical subjects such as digital photography, imposition, preflighting files, color management, process control, digital proofing, and many others.
  • Learn what the experts have to say about business issues and marketing trends and techniques.

What's Different About PRINT01?

There are a couple of things that make PRINT01 different from other, similar events:

FIRST: PRINT01 isn't just another trade show and conference - it is one of the largest and most comprehensive events of its kind for printers, creative professionals, converting professionals, direct-mail specialists, advertising executives, and publishing executives. At PRINT01 you'll find over 850 exhibitors on the 900,000-square-foot trade-show floor. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, exhibitor presentations, and other special events.

SECOND: PRINT01 goes full-steam throughout the weekend of September 8th & 9th - so even if you can't get away from your place of business during the week, you'll still be able to visit PRINT01 on Saturday and Sunday!

Basic Facts About the Show


PRINT01 begins on Wednesday, September 6, 2001 and ends on Thursday, September 13, 2001. For the first seven days, the exhibit floor (trade show) is open every day - including Saturday and Sunday - from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. On the eighth and last day of the show, the exhibit floor is open from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. Seminars, workshops, presentations, and other events are scheduled every day (including Saturday and Sunday) except for Thursday, September 13.


PRINT01 will be held at McCormick Place, Chicago's waterfront convention center.

How much

Getting into the PRINT01 show is a bargain — it costs only $40.00 for a pass that allows you to visit the exhibit floor all day every day during the show. Your $40.00 pass also gets you into several key presentations and special events. To attend seminars, workshops, or similar sessions, you must pay an additional amount. You can get details about how much it costs to attend PRINT01 sessions at the PRINT01 Web site (see below).

How to register

Register to attend PRINT01 by pointing your Web browser to, clicking on "PRINT01," and clicking on "Register Now!" at the top of the page.

How to get more information

Below, we give an overview of PRINT01 (with a bias toward what is likely to be of interest to people who visit Citation Software's Web site). You can get many more details about PRINT01 by visiting the PRINT01 Web site at

PRINT01 Highlights

Here, we provide a brief summary of events, seminars, workshops, and exhibitors that are likely to be of interest to folks who visit our Web site.


  • DuPont Presentation
    A review and discussion of color proofing. Saturday, September 8, 8:30 am - 9:30 am. FREE TO ALL REGISTERED ATTENDEES.

  • Imation/RealTimeImaging Presentation
    Fully digital workflows - real-world issues, applicable technologies, and potential solutions. Saturday, September 8, 8:30 am - 9:30 am. FREE TO ALL REGISTERED ATTENDEES.

  • Indigo Presentation
    A panel of Indigo customers will discuss opportunities and applications for their digital presses and will give success stories. Saturday, September 8, 8:30 am - 9:30 am. FREE TO ALL REGISTERED ATTENDEES.

  • Electronic Publishing Magazine's 25th Anniversary Celebration
    Join Electronic Publishing as they celebrate their 25th anniversary. Sunday, September 9, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm. FREE TO ALL REGISTERED ATTENDEES.

  • General Session "B" - The New Business of Print
    A panel of commercial printers, major vendors, and other industry pundits will discuss the business side of printing. Monday, September 10, 8:30 am - 9:30 am. FREE TO ALL REGISTERED ATTENDEES.

  • General Session "C" - Survivor: Where Will We Be By Print 05?
    A panel of consultants, academics and editorial gurus face off a group of commercial printing company owners. Tuesday, September 11, 8:30 am - 9:30 am. FREE TO ALL REGISTERED ATTENDEES.


The list below contains the names of some PRINT01 seminars and workshops that are likely to be of interest to people who visit Citation Software Inc.'s Web site. Our list focuses for the most part on sessions that present technical material or offer software training. You should note that PRINT01 also offers many sessions that focus on other types of subject matter - e.g. business issues, marketing trends and issues, printing presses, finishing equipment (packaging, binding, etc.), production scheduling, and other topics.

Here is our list:
  • Internet Trends for Printers
  • Print E-Commerce
  • Cooking With Photoshop 1
  • Cooking With Photoshop 2
  • Combine Raster and Vector in Photoshop
  • Photoshop Tips and Tricks
  • Photoshop Trends
  • Image Enhancement/Repair with Photoshop
  • Masking in Photoshop
  • Imposition Trends
  • Process Control and Color Management
  • Selecting the Right Scanner for You
  • Scanning Tips and Tricks
  • Imposition Trends
  • Digital Photography 1
  • Digital Photography 2
  • Digital Photography 3
  • Dealing with Databases
  • Preflighting Files for Reliable Printing 1
  • Preflighting Files for Reliable Printing 2
  • Workflow Trends
  • Digital Proofing 1
  • Digital Proofing 2
  • Color Management Trends
  • Getting Color Right
  • Using ICC Color Profiles
  • Adobe InDesign
  • On-Demand Printing
  • Computer-To-Plate 1
  • Computer-To-Plate 2
  • Variable Data Printing 1
  • Variable Data Printing 2
  • PDF Workflows
  • PDF for Print and Web
  • Acrobat 5 Tips for High-End Printing
  • Acrobat Trends
  • Database/Fulfillment Trends


As we've mentioned, over 850 companies will exhibit at PRINT01. Below are names and brief descriptions of some of the companies whose exhibits you might want to check out.

As with our list of sessions, above, our list of exhibitors is geared toward those with a technical interest in software for the graphic arts. Note, however, that at PRINT01 you'll also find exhibitors that offer many other types of products and services, including printing and finishing equipment & supplies, papers, inks, punches & dies, and humidification systems.
  • Adobe Systems Incorporated: Adobe's graphic-design, imaging, dynamic-media, and authoring tools are known and used worldwide.

  • Agfa Systems: This company has a rich history in the printing & publishing business. Products include the Apogee workflow system and the Odyssey system.

  • Amazon Imaging Inc.: Amazon manufactures and delivers a complete line of inkjet printers.

  • American Printer Magazine: This widely read publication provides valuable information to managers and technical personnel involved in printing/publishing.

  • Artifex Software Inc.: This company's "GhostScript" software is a multi-platform, independent implementation of Adobe's PDF document format and PostScript LanguageLevel 3. Among its many capabilities are PostScript-to-PDF conversion and PDF-to-PostScript conversion.

  • Artwork Systems: Artwork Systems will introduce NEXUS, their next-generation workflow tool for packaging and commercial-printing environments.

  • Atlas Software BV: This company develops and sells "PrintShop Mail," which is Citation Software Inc.'s all-time-favorite variable-data-printing solution. The PrintShop mail software runs on a Macintosh computer or Windows computer, is extremely easy to use, and supports seven languages. See a demo of the newest version of PrintShop Mail at PRINT01.

  • Avanti Computer Systems: This company is a market leader in production-management software systems for the graphic-arts industry. See Avanti's "Demand Print," "In-Plant," "EASI," and "Commercial Graphic Arts Management System" in action at PRINT 01.

  • Cimex Corp.: Cimex creates CAD/CAM software for the packaging and diemaking industries.

  • CreoScitex America: Creo creates digital solutions for the graphic-arts industry, including image-capture systems, inkjet proofers, thermal imaging devices, color- and copydot-scanning systems, and workflow-management software. CreoScitex is also an Original Equipment Manufacture supplier of on-press imaging technology, components for digital presses, and color servers for high-speed, print-on-demand digital printers.

  • Digital Imaging Magazine: This magazine reaches over 48,000 professionals, with a diverse readership of graphic designers, digital photographers, ad agencies, content creators and print providers.

  • Digital Output Magazine: This is the leading business publication for digital imagers and electronic publishers.

  • Dynagram: This company makes "DynaStrip" imposition software, featuring flexible and cost-effective features such as: full in/out PDF support, object-oriented architecture, plate setups for CTP, workflow integration, and more.

  • Enfocus Software: Graphic-arts professionals worldwide depend on this company's well-known electronic-publishing/prepress software.

  • Exstream Software: Exstream Software helps businesses accomplish mass personalization of customer communications for delivery by mail, email, and the Internet.

  • Extensis Products Group: This company's award-winning products and services facilitate the process of creating, editing, assembling, and managing branded communication materials for print and electronic publishing.

  • Graphic Arts Monthly: This magazine provides user-oriented features on technology, processes, business, trends, and marketing.

  • Graphic Communications Association: GCA is one of the leading organizations for print-media professionals.

  • Graphic Communications Council: This organization provides information about educational programs and recruiting programs for the graphic arts and related industries.

  • Group Logic: Group Logic is a vendor of WAN and LAN workflow software, including MassTransit Enterprise, while allows automated digital file transfer and remote proofing via a Web browser or hot folders.

  • Heidelberg: Heidelberg is a world leader in printing and publishing solutions. The company offers quick-print solutions, commercial-print solutions, prepress solutions, digital-print solutions, newspaper solutions, packaging & label solutions, finishing solutions, and more.

  • HELIOS Software GmbH: This company offers a family of prepress-server software supporting Macintosh and Windows clients.

  • Hewlett-Packard Company: HP will be showing their new HP Digital Press 6600, a digital press geared for printing full-color personalized marketing materials and other types of variable-data documents.

  • High Volume Printer Magazine: HVP Magazine is geared for the medium- to large-size printing company. It is a primary source of information on new products, technologies, and management issues.

  • IBFI: IBFI is the International Association for Document and Information-Management Solutions. IBFI provides a clearinghouse that allows members to efficiently manage forms, documents, and systems information internally, among each other, and with non-members.

  • IDEAL Scanners & Systems, Inc.: IDEAL is a leading provider of scanning solutions for large-format scanning, imaging, and color printing.

  • Imation Corp.: Imation's line of "Matchprint(TM)" products fills proofing needs from concept to final output.

  • Indigo: Indigo offers advanced digital color printing products, including the UltraStream 2000, TurboStream and e-Print Pro+ sheet-fed commercial printers and the new Photo-e-Print line for photo-finishing applications.

  • Inline Automation Inc.: This company offers document-automation products, including sheet feeders, magazine feeders, collators, sheet-thickness detectors, bar code scanners, and others.

  • Instant & Small Commercial Printer: ISCP Magazine is the fastest-growing printing publication for the small print-shop owner.

  • IPTech, Inc.: IPTech is an industry leader in prepress-workflow solutions. Products include: nAct, a certified Adobe Extreme workflow solution; CanOPI, a professional Open Prepress Interface application; ImpozeIt, the award-winning, pure PDF imposition workflow software; and TurboRIP, the Adobe PostScript 3 PDF RIP with in-RIP trapping.

  • Lanier Worldwide: Lanier's "DOCutivity" products and services lower the cost of document creation, distribution, replication and retention.

  • LogX, Inc.: LogX is a software developer and application-service provider offering a suite of Web-based, e-printing and e-distribution products to the graphic arts, direct mail, and fulfillment industries.

  • Mac Academy: Mac Academy/Windows Academy produces computer/software training on video and CD-ROM.

  • Markzware: This company is a leading vendor of prepress/preflight software, including MarkzNet, MarkzScout, and FLIGHTCHECK,

  • Meadows Information Systems: Meadows Information Systems, an affiliate of Banta Integrated Media, is a software-development and consulting company specializing in QuarkXPress Xtensions. The company is also a licensed developer of plug-ins for Adobe software. Meadows offers Xtensions for database publishing, variable-data printing, batch processing, catalog production, and multi-market versioning solutions.

  • MetaCommunications: This company is a leading developer of business software for the graphic-arts industry. Its flagship products, "Virtual Ticket" and "Job Manager," can help you manage jobs and digital assets.

  • Monaco Systems: This company offers high-quality color-management software.

  • National Association for Printing Leadership: NAPL is a non-profit graphic arts trade association.

  • National Association of Litho Clubs: This is an educational organization for the advertising, computer, digital imaging, graphic arts and printing industries.

  • Océ Printing Systems USA, Inc.: At PRINT01, Océ will unveil its new DemandStream CX Printer, which is designed to produce transactional documents and variable-data-publishing materials. Océ will also showcase its new DigiStitcher finishing device for high-speed, in-line finishing of print-on-demand applications.

  • One Vision, Inc.: OneVision provides tools for repairing, correcting, and streamlining the data in your workflow.

  • Page Path Technologies: Page Path's "MyOrderDesk" provides fast and reliable order entry and file transfer using your personalized web page.

  • Pantone, Inc.: Pantone is a longtime industry leader in color-management systems.

  • Print On Demand Magazine: This magazine is published for professionals who provide on-demand-printing services. Editorial content covers hardware and software technologies, consumables, marketing, workflow, operations, and support issues.

  • Printable Technologies, Inc.: As an Application Service Provider (ASP), Printable delivers on-line hosting services and print solutions helping printers solidify customer (print buyer) relationships; streamline internal sales and order operations, print and pre-press production, and materials procurement; and create and maintain new business opportunities.

  • printCafe, Inc.: printCafe integrates and automates the entire printing process, from printers and print buyers to suppliers and other third-party providers.

  • printChannel is a printer-branded e-commerce system that enables print buyers to perform on-line ordering of commercial print.

  • Printers Software Inc.: This company was the first and is the oldest company to provide software for graphics management.

  • Printing Impressions Magazine: This publication serves the commercial printing industry. It reaches 61,080 printer locations.

  • Printing Industries of America (PIA) and Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF): PIA is one of the world's largest graphic-arts trade associations.

  • Printing Journal Magazine: provides timely and valuable information to executives of printing, prepress, and binding/finishing businesses in the US.

  • Printing News Magazine: This publication focuses on the graphic-arts market in the Northeastern US.

  • Printing Views Magazine: focuses on the printing, prepress, and binding/finished businesses in the Midwestern US.

  • PrintLink Graphic Arts Placement Service: PrintLink provides staffing solutions and permanent employee placement for printing, publishing, document management and digital prepress positions.

  • PrintPoint, Inc.: The PrintPoint Graphic Arts Management System is a full-featured estimating, job costing, and invoicing system designed for the printing and graphic arts industries.

  • PrintStaff: PrintStaff LLC is one of the largest staffing agencies specializing in the print, copy, and digital industries.

  • Quick Printing Magazine: This publication is one of the oldest, largest monthly magazines for the quick and small commercial print and copy shop industry.

  • Rampage Systems, Inc. This company offers The Rampage RIPing System, which is a PostScript-3 compatible software RIP running under the Windows NT operating system on a Pentium PC.

  • RealTimeImage, Inc.: At PRINT01 RealTimeImage will showcase its RealTimeProof(TM) suite of on-line-proofing solutions for remote soft and hard proofing.

  • ScenicSoft, Inc.: ScenicSoft's full line of prepress software helps streamline and automate even the most complicated workflow. ScenicSoft's flagship product, Preps, is the industry's leading imposition package.

  • Screen (USA): This company offers the Trueflow PDF workflow system, a software RIP, the Cezanne Elite flatbed scanners, the Tanto and Katana imagesetters, the TruePress On-press digital imaging system, and more.

  • Seybold Publications: Seybold Publications analyzes and reports on issues, trends, and technological developments of importance to the printing/publishing industries. Since 1971, publishing professionals have been relying on The Seybold Reports for valuable information to facilitate decision-making.

  • Shira: Shira's EP2 system is a Web-based workflow system.

  • Softwares, LLC: This company's "TQ Tracker" system is a business-management system that runs on Macs and PCs. It handles leads, quotes, orders, job scheduling, and more.

  • T/R Systems: This company offers innovative software solutions for the management and production of digital communications.

  • Xeikon: Xeikon provides production digital color printing systems for professional applications.

Visit Today!

Point your browser at to register for PRINT01 and to get all the details you'll need to plan your visit to PRINT01.

Let our Wizard help you find the right product!

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