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Seybold Boston 2001 is happening this week!

APRIL 8, 2001 — The Seybold Boston 2001 Seminar is taking place this week (April 8-13) at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA.

Seybold is a twice-yearly electronic-publishing conference and expo which normally takes place in San Francisco in the autumn and in Boston in the spring. At Seybold, you can:
  • see and try out cutting-edge products from approximately 300 exhibitors
  • learn about the latest publishing technologies from industry pundits.
The conferences run from April 8th through April 13th, and the exposition (trade show) runs from April 10th through April 12th.

Whether you are a software developer, a graphic designer, a pre-press expert, a marketing pro, or a printer, there is something for you at Seybold! At you can get all the details you'll need about this important event.

Citation Software Inc. Introduced at Seybold on April 9th

Cynthia L. Leslie, President of Citation Software Inc., introduced the company's new on-line "mailpiece-design" service, called at Seybold on Monday, April 9th. creates Business Reply envelopes & postcards and Courtesy Reply envelopes & postcards instantly - in PDF format - for only $2.00. To try, go to


Here is Citation Software Inc.'s "in-a-nutshell" look at Seybold Boston 2001.

The Exposition:

The exposition (or trade show) features exhibits and special events hosted by companies who are well known in the electronic-publishing industry and related industries. As we've said, the exposition runs from April 10th through April 12th. Approximately 300 companies will be exhibiting. Here are just a few of them:
  • Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • Arbortext
  • BCL Computers
  • Cahners Publishing
  • Chrystal Software
  • Collabria, Inc.
  • Dynagram Software
  • Everybook, Inc.
  • Harlequin, Inc.
  • Imation
  • Markzware Software
  • Noosh
  • OneVision GmbH
  • Pantone, Inc.
  • ScenicSoft, Inc.
  • Media Bank
  • Xerox

The Conferences:

Attend one of the following all-day conferences to get up to speed on a particular topic:

The "Digital Rights Management Day" Conference, Monday, April 9th. This conference explores technical and business issues pertaining to digital rights management.

The "On-Demand Printing Day" Conference, Monday, April 9th. Here you can learn technical information about direct imaging, spray-on plates, digital color printers, imposition, digital proofing, digital workflow, and e-commerce links. You can also learn about particular digital-printing products, and in addition you'll hear about the business aspects of on-demand printing.

The "PDF Print Publishing Day" Conference, Monday, April 9th. Here you'll discover how to use the Adobe Acrobat PDF file format successfully in a print publishing workflow, and you'll find out about software tools that are available for PDF-based print publishing.

The "XML for Publishers Day" Conference, Monday, April 9th. This conference focuses on how XML has changed the business of publishing, what lies ahead, and what relevant products developers are working on.

The "E-Book Day" Conference, Tuesday, April 10th. At this conference, you'll learn about the tough questions facing professionals who are making or selling e-books.

The "PDF for Electronic Documents Day" Conference, Tuesday, April 10th. Attend this event to get a sense of where the Adobe Acrobat PDF format is today and where it's going. You'll also find out about the advantages of using this format for electronic documents. In addition, you'll learn about software tools for publishing, and you discover how some corporations and commercial publishers are using PDF.

The "Digital Asset Management Day" Conference, Wednesday, April 11th. At this event, you'll find out about various Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions that are available, you'll hear a discussion about return-on-investment analysis, and you'll discover how to optimize your DAM system for results.

The "Managing the Web-Enabled Company Day" Conference, Wednesday, April 11th. Here you'll learn about content requirements for Web-centered business models, you'll hear about the pros and cons of hosted services and applications vs. in- house services and applications, and you'll hear from innovators who are changing the way that companies deal with the Web.

The "Color Production Day" Conference, Thursday, April 12th. Learn about color spaces and color profiles (ICC), RGB workflows, color proofing, and more.

The "Corporate Portals Day" Conference, Thursday, April 12th. Find out about portal technologies, models, applications, and more.

The "Digital Imaging Day" Conference, Thursday, April 12th. Attend this conference to learn about photography for the Web, digital video devices and software, and other exciting topics.

The Tutorials:

49 tutorials are offered at Seybold Boston 2001. Here is a list of a few of the ones that (in our opinion) are the most interesting:
  • Effective and Usable Web Interface Design
  • XML in 180 Minutes
  • Search Engine Strategies
  • Web Color: Theory and Practice
  • Simplified Color Management
  • PDF for Prepress
  • PDF Workflow
  • XML and Print
  • Crash Course in Writing for the Web
  • Making the Transition from Print Design to Web Design
Remember, you can get details about all this and more at

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