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Seybold New York 2002 Will Take Place in New York City February 19th-22nd

JANUARY 5, 2002 — The Spring 2002 Seybold Seminars Conference will be held in February at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Seybold is a twice-yearly electronic-publishing conference and expo which normally takes place on the east coast in the spring and on the west coast in the fall. At Seybold, you can:
  • see and try out cutting-edge products from approximately 300 exhibitors
  • learn about the latest publishing technologies from industry pundits.
Whether you are a publishing executive, a software developer, a graphic designer, a pre-press expert, a marketing pro, or a printer, there is something for you at Seybold!



The conferences, tutorials, and other educational events run from February 19th through February 22nd. The exposition (trade show) runs from February 20th through February 22nd during the following hours:
  • Wednesday, February 20th - 10:00 am-5:00 pm
  • Thursday, February 21st - 10:00 am-5:00 pm
  • Friday, February 22nd - 10:00 am-3:00 pm

Seybold New York 2002 will be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, 11th Avenue at 34th Street, New York, NY, USA.

How much: 

To attend the exposition (trade show), it costs nothing if you register early; it costs $75 if you register at the show. To attend Conferences, "Hot Technology Days" or Tutorials, it will cost you between $295 and $2295, depending on which events you want to attend, depending on whether you have attended Seybold in the past, and depending on when you register. To save money, be sure to register before January 11th if you've attended Seybold before; be sure to register before February 13th if you haven't attended Seybold before. For details, visit the Seybold registration Web page.

How to register: 

You can register on line at Or, you can register by phone by calling 888-886-8895 from within the United States or 781-433-1508 from outside the United States.


Here is Citation Software Inc.'s "in-a-nutshell" summary of Seybold New York 2002.

The Exposition

The exposition (or trade show) features exhibits and special events hosted by companies who are well known in the electronic-publishing industry and related industries. As we've said, the exposition runs from February 20 through February 22, 2002.

Conferences and "Hot Technology Days"

Attend one or more of the following events to get up to speed on a particular topic:

Seybold Enterprise Publishing Conference
Tuesday-Thursday, February 19th-21st

This conference focuses on technologies that facilitate communication and on the business requirement that drive the need for communication. This conference is for people who are facing pressure to modify publishing processes, including publishing or brand business managers, publishing technicians, graphic designers, web designers, production professionals, strategic planners, marketing professionals, content developers, prepress and IT professionals, CIOs and e-business managers.

Seybold PDF Conference
Thursday & Friday, February 21st-22nd

This is the world?s largest gathering of PDF professionals. The Seybold PDF Conference offers more than 20 conference sessions, special sessions and practical tutorials. Attend to learn the answers to your toughest PDF questions and to learn tips and tricks to optimize your PDF workflow.

This conference is ideal for document originators & printers, designers & production artists, marcom professionals, prepress specialists, print output production managers, IT managers, e-pub administrators, PDF software developers, documentation specialists, and anyone else whose day-to-day job responsibilities depend on Adobe Acrobat PDF technology.

The Seybold PDF Conference comprises the following sessions (note that it is not possible to attend all sessions as some sessions are scheduled concurrently):
  • Keynote: PDF Today, PDF Tomorrow
  • Special Lunchtime Session: PDF Power Panel
  • PDF and Authoring Workflows: Part I
  • PDF and Authoring Workflows: Part II
  • Output Workflow: Making PDFs Print
  • PDF Under the Hood
  • The Power of PDF: Lessons from the Developers' Trenches
  • Scripting and Acrobat
  • Large-Scale PDF Deployment Strategies
  • Coping With Regulatory Mandates
  • PDF and/or XML
  • PDF for Markup, Review and Approval
  • PDF for the Web, E-Books and Wireless
  • Seven Minutes With a PDF Developer (print-related plug-ins)
  • e-Forms
  • Integration With Enterprise Database Systems
  • Seven Minutes With a PDF Developer (general plug-ins)
  • Closing Session

Print On Demand Day
Tuesday, February 19th

This all-day presentation focuses on the benefits, technology, equipment and business of digital printing and print-on-demand (POD). Attend Print On Demand Day to gain an understanding of the impact of digital and on-demand printing on all aspects of printing, from design to distribution.

Print On Demand Day comprises the following sessions:
  • The First Decade of POD
  • Who's Who and What's What in POD
  • POD Technology
  • The Market and Business of POD
This event is ideal for owners and managers of commercial printing companies and quick-printing companies, publishing managers, corporate communications specialists, ad-agency personnel, graphic-design production managers, and print buyers & purchasing professionals.

Digital Rights Management
Wednesday, February 20th

The term "digital rights management" (DRM) refers to defining, protecting and maintaining intellectual property rights in the online digital world. DRM is becoming a core capability of digital content distribution: It applies to all media types, including audio and video, as well as to e-books and other post-PC Internet devices. It is also an important part of how print and Web publishers do business with each other, through syndication and other forms of business-to-business content distribution.

Attend the Digital Rights Management event to learn what DRM is and what the relevant technology components are, to find out how you can use DRM to increase the value of your content, and to get up to speed on how some publishers are making DRM work in their businesses.

This event comprises the following sessions:
  • A DRM Overview
  • Business-to-Business Rights Management
  • DRM Case Studies
  • Seven Minutes With A DRM Vendor
This event is ideal for publishers; for CTOs; for CIOs; and for VPs/directors of electronic products, e-business, publishing technology, content licensing and marketing.

Digital Assets Management
Wednesday, February 20th

Companies have begun to capitalize media-development costs, putting newly recognized assets on corporate balance sheets. Generally accepted accounting practices stipulate that a firm must show an asset?s reuse for a period longer than 18 months and must also document development costs and contributions to a sale or cost savings.

Capitalization of media-related expenses emphasizes a set of practices called digital assets management (DAM). DAM solutions can facilitate the tasks required to manage the capitalization of digital assets; DAM solutions can also help a firm reduce its time to market for brand messages and digital goods.

If you are the president or CEO of a media or publishing firm, or if you are a VP or director of multichannel commerce, e-commerce, publishing technologies, creative services or content management, you should make time to attend Digital Assets Management Day. By attending, you'll get answers to the following questions:
  • How can we use our digital assets to create new shareholder wealth?
  • How can we use our digital assets to capture new value, bringing new products or services quickly to market without additional labor costs?
  • How can we reduce materials and labor costs from publishing, optimizing user productivity and reducing needless time-consuming tasks?

XML for Publishers Day
Thursday, February 21st

Your effectiveness as a publisher relies on your ability to employ new standards and technologies. XML for Publishers Day comprises presentations and panel discussions featuring leading publishers and tool providers that focus on how XML and related standards are changing the landscape of publishing.

Plan to attend XML for Publishers Day if you are a corporate strategist, IT professional, publishing-business executive, publishing-technology professional, corporate publisher, commercial publisher, or Web/Internet publisher. You'll get up to speed on new XML-based publishing-technology and e-business standards; you'll hear the latest news about XML, XHTML, XSL, CSS, and XML Schemas; and you'll find out about emerging publishing-industry XML standards such as ICE, PRISM, XMP, XML Prose, XML Space, JDL and Papinet.

This event comprises the following sessions:
  • XML Standards: Update for Publishers
  • XML-Enabled Publishing
  • XML ROI for Publishers
  • XML-Based E-Business for Publishers

Content Management Systems Day
Thursday, February 21st

This event explores the critical factors for success in launching large content-management projects. It covers one of the most demanding aspects of a content project: setting metadata standards. The event focuses on how to build a system and on how to decide which tools to use.

Try to attend this event if you are an IT Web and publishing professional responsible for managing and producing content, a CIO, an IT manager, a Webmaster, a Web producer or a content executive.

This event is made up of the following sessions:
  • Three Ways to Lose Your Job With a Content Management System
  • Between Heaven and Madness Lies Metadata
  • CMS Veterans Panel
  • Vendor's Elevator Pitch: Five Minutes to Tell You What's Unique

Color Production Day
Friday, February 22nd

Thanks to ICC-based profiles and color-management systems, color production in today's world is a lot more predictable and consistent than it was in the past. However, some problems remain; and this event focuses on the solutions to those problems.

Attend this event to learn how to create, edit and apply ICC (International Color Consortium) color profiles and how to take advantage of RGB-based color correction and archiving. You'll also get important information about other topics related to color management and color production.

You should attend if you're a graphic designer, Photoshop user, imaging-production manager, prepress operator, print operator, photographer, scanner operator, photo retoucher or color expert.

This event comprises the following sessions:
  • Photoshop Color Quagmires
  • High-Bit Color Workflows
  • Color Spaces, Profiles and Color Appearance
  • Profile Editing Tools and Techniques

Cost Savings Day
Friday, February 22nd

At this event, you learn how to save money by implementing inexpensive tools or even free tools! Another topic of discussion will be how to find an ROI (return on investment) when you spend money on a new technology for print, Web or cross-media. You'll also learn how to justify a technology expense and how to deal with the organizational change that technology brings and get buy-in from management and users.

Be sure to attend this event if you are a print publisher, Web publisher, cross-media publisher, IT professional, or production manager.

This event comprises the following sessions:
  • Real-World ROIs
  • Workflow on the Cheap
  • Managing Change: A Pub Tech Service Guide
  • Do-it-Yourself Publishing Systems

The Tutorials

More than 40 tutorials will be offered at Seybold New York 2002. Here is a list of the tutorials that are (in our opinion) the most interesting:
  • Strategies for a Successful Web Content Management Implementation
  • JavaScript for Designers
  • Interface Design and Usability for Intranets
  • Photoshop 6.0 for the Web
  • Prepress Tips for Capture and Design
  • OS X, OS 9 and Windows: Handling Fonts and Graphic Files Successfully
  • Photoshop 6.0 Tips and Tricks
  • Prepress Tips for Production and Output
  • Advanced Photoshop 6.0 for Power Users
  • QuarkXPress Tips and Tricks
  • InDesign 2.0 for Quark-Experienced Users
  • Adobe InDesign 2.0 Tips and Tricks
  • Advanced QuarkXPress Techniques
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Advanced JavaScript Using Acrobat 5.0
  • Creating and Enhancing PDF Documents
  • Creating Acrobat Forms
  • Data Import/Export Techniques With Acrobat 5.0
  • PDF for Prepress
  • PDF Prepress Workflow
  • Interactive PDF: Converting Print Files Into Dynamic Digital Documents
  • XML for Publishing Managers
  • XML and Print
  • Enforcing Publication Structure With XML
  • Advanced XML Data Management, Architecture and Transformation Topics
  • Web Design Principles
  • Designing Web Sites for Use: Tactics for User-Centered Design
  • Effective and Usable Web Interface Design
  • Adobe Illustrator Art and Production Techniques
  • Simplified Color Management
  • The Art of the Photoshop Curve
  • The Art of the Photoshop Blend
  • Advanced ICC Color Management
  • Photoshop and Illustrator: Creating What You See
  • Digital Photography for Imaging: Before and After Clicking the Shutter!

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