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Recap of Seybold New York 2002

FEB 25, 2002 — The Spring 2002 Seybold Seminars Conference was held February 19th-22nd at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Seybold is a twice-yearly electronic-publishing conference and expo which normally takes place on the east coast in the spring and on the west coast in the fall.

Management personnel from Citation Software were in attendance at Seybold New York 2002. Here is a summary of some of the most interesting and most important events and announcements that took place during Seybold.

Adobe Offers Special $99.00 Price for InDesign 2.0 Upgrade

An Adobe representative at Seybold New York 2002 explained that you can now upgrade to Adobe InDesign 2.0 for only $99.00 if you own a previous version of Adobe InDesign. Go to" to take advantage of this special offer. This offer expires on March 22, 2002.

Here are brief descriptions of just a few of the features and enhancements that are new to Adobe InDesign 2.0:
  • The printing interface has been streamlined.
  • You can import Microsoft Word and Excel tables.
  • There are some new "long-document" features that make it easy to generate a table of contents and an index.
  • Improved typographic controls allow you to manage the tradeoffs between spacing and hyphenation.
  • You can preserve transparency when placing Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files in Adobe InDesign 2.0.
  • The "flattener slider" will allow you to print some of your most complicated documents on printers that wouldn't otherwise be able to handle such documents.
  • A very powerful and very impressive high-resolution-proofing feature appears to perform OCR on the fly, allowing you to turn bitmap-format text into vector-format text that is easy to read.
  • Support for OpenType fonts has been enhanced.
  • It's easy to produce fractions that are typographically correct.
  • You can apply drop shadows, feathering, and other editable transparency settings to any object.
  • Cropping and adjusting graphics is easy with the dynamic graphics-preview feature.
Remember, the special $99.00 upgrade price is only available through March 22, 2002!

Adobe Demonstrates Powerful Adobe Illustrator 10 Features

At the Adobe Pavilion on the Seybold New York 2002 exhibition floor, Citation Software personnel witnessed an impressive demonstration of some interesting and powerful capabilities of Adobe Illustrator 10. Here is a brief rundown:
  • You can achieve really interesting graphical effects with the Liquify Tool, which works on vector graphics, text, and bitmaps.
  • The Appearance Palette is a real timesaver.
  • You can creating striking graphic designs with little effort by using Adobe Illustrator 10's built-in Symbols in combination with special-effects features such as "warping," "envelope distort," and "envelope mesh."
  • Adobe Illustrator 10 offers enhanced support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).
  • You can use Adobe Illustrator 10 to do variable-data publishing!

Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Has Powerful New JavaScript Capabilities

At the PDF Conference's ":Scripting and Acrobat" session on Thursday, February 21st, Kas Thomas of SilverStream Software Corp. in Wilton, CT described and demonstrated some of Adobe Acrobat 5.0's enhanced JavaScript features. Mr. Thomas pointed out that Acrobat 5.0's enhanced JavaScript features make it possible to do things that you would not be able to do without writing a plug-in if you were using a previous version of Adobe Acrobat. This is a boon to programmers and would-be programmers, because writing JavaScript code is much easier than writing code for an Acrobat plug-in!

Quite Software Demonstrates "Quite Revealing" Pre-press Plug-in

In the Adobe Partner Pavilion on the Seybold New York 2002 exhibit floor, Quite Software — which is based in the Scottish highlands — demonstrated its new pre-press plug-in for Adobe Acrobat. The new plug-in is called Quite Revealing, and it's designed for pre-press professionals. It aims to show information that is otherwise difficult to find out about a PDF document — information about transparency, overprinting, plates used, and more.

But Quite Revealing goes beyond that. It can also fix some of the more awkward problems that can arise — like differently named spot plates, unwelcome transfer functions, or ICC profiles that don't belong.

Quite Revealing is an interactive, easy-to-use tool that works in an intuitive manner to let you zero in on problems and help you to fix them or work around them.

For a limited time, you can download the beta version of Quite Revealing free of charge from Quite Software's Web site. In exchange for allowing you to obtain the software for free, Quite Software asks that you tell them what you think about Quite Revealing so that they can make improvements to Quite Revealing based on your feedback. All this is explained at the following location on the Quite Software Web site:

AdLib eDocument Solutions Introduces PDF Software for File-format Conversion, File Splitting/Merging, Overlays, and More

AdLib eDocument Solutions of Burlington, Ontario, Canada demonstrated its AdLib eXpress software during the final session of the Seybold New York 2002 "PDF for E-forms and Database Publishing" conference on Friday, February 22nd.. AdLib eXpress can convert more than 225 file formats to PDF. It can be used interactively from a graphical user interface; it can also be integrated programmatically into your workflow.

In addition to converting other file types to PDF format, AdLib eXpress can also overlay each page of a PDF document with text, graphics, and text fields. Some JavaScript support is provided. In addition, AdLib eXpress can merge several PDF documents into one, split one PDF document into several, apply security to a PDF document, and more.

For more information, visit

IDR Solutions Demonstrates Software for Text/Graphics Extraction

Also at Friday's final "PDF for E-forms and Database Publishing" session, IDR Solutions introduced its Storypad software, which allows you to extract and repurpose text and graphics intelligently from PDF and other textual file formats. This impressive software performs its work by gleaning structural information from the content and formatting properties of files that do not contain embedded structural information such as XML tags or style-sheet tags.

IDR Solutions is based in the United Kingdom. To get details and pricing for the Storypad software, contact, or visit the IDR Solutions Web site:

Datalogics Offers the Adobe PDF Library

Another presenter at Friday's final "PDF for E-forms and Database Publishing" session was Ana Trivanovic of Datalogics, Inc. Ms. Trivanovic gave a brief overview of the Adobe PDF Library, which is a developer's toolkit that allows for the creation of PDF files from within an application. The Adobe PDF Library is based on the Adobe Acrobat code created by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Datalogics, Inc. is the only company in the world that is authorized to sell a license to use the Adobe PDF Library.

The Adobe PDF Library toolkit gives developers access to the functionality that will ensure the creation of quality PDF documents that can be delivered efficiently across many channels. When you use the Adobe PDF Library toolkit, you don't have to spend extensive development time and money to create a PDF-output solution. In addition, the PDF Library will allow you to follow the PDF Language Standard consistently.

The Adobe PDF Library is now available on multiple platforms, including:
  • MVS
  • AS/400
  • HP-UX
  • Sun Solaris
  • Digital UNIX
  • Linux
  • Windows (Intel)
  • Windows (Alpha)
Datalogics, Inc. is based in Chicago, IL, USA. For more information about the Adobe PDF Library, visit or send email to

Amazing iCopy Software Does OCR on the Fly!

Also included in the final "PDF for E-forms and Database Publishing" session on Friday was an impressive software demonstration by Jinsoo Kim, President and CEO of Image Solutions, Inc. in Morristown, NJ, USA. Mr. Kim showed the audience how his company's iCopy plug-in for Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader can convert scanned text in a PDF file into searchable, character-based text — instantly! All you have to do is use your mouse to select the text that you want to convert, and an OCR conversion happens in the blink of an eye!

Visit to get details about the iCopy plug-in and to find out about other terrific products offered by Image Solutions, Inc.

Appligent Announces Web Services Editions of FDFMerge, StampPDF Batch and SecurSign

Another presenter at the final Friday session of the "PDF for E-forms and Database Publishing" conference was Mark Gavin, CTO of Appligent, Inc. in Lansdowne, PA, USA. Mr. Gavin's presentation focused on the recently introduced Web Services editions of three of Appligent's products: FDFMerge, StampPDF Batch, and SecurSign.

The Web Services editions are based on the XML-RPC protocol, (Extensible Markup Language - Remote Procedure Calls). XML-RPC takes web technology in a new direction by allowing computers to make function calls across a network. XML provides a vocabulary for RPC which is then transmitted between computers using HTTP, making solution development simpler and more powerful.

To learn more, visit

Corel CEO Derek Burney Focuses on XML in Keynote Address

A keynote address was delivered at Seybold New York 2002 on Wednesday, February 20th by Derek Burney, President and CEO of Corel Corp. Mr. Burney focused heavily on XML technology during his address, and he unveiled Corel's new enterprise strategy, which Corel has named DEEPWHITE™.

DEEPWHITE is the realization of Corel's plan to deliver enterprise-class solutions to organizations. Supported by a series of strategic acquisitions and innovative software developments, the company is leveraging the strengths of XML and other open standards to introduce a new platform for enterprise content creation.

Mr. Burney outlined one of the first components of the DEEPWHITE strategy ? the delivery of XML-enabled content solutions, and he stated that on March 14, 2002, Corel Corp. will acquire SoftQuad Software, Ltd., a leading provider of XML-enabling technology and XML-based B2B commerce solutions.

Note that SoftQuad's "X Metal 3" software was named as a Seybold Publications Hot Pick on February 13, 2002.

For more information about Corel's DEEPWHITE enterprise strategy, see Corel's DEEPWHITE Launch Press Release and visit Corel's new DEEPWHITE Web site,

Printing & Publishing Industry Leaders Advocate PDF Workflow

Information about the adoption of PDF workflows was in abundant supply at Seybold New York 2002. Here is an overview of some of the Seybold New York 2002 announcements and presentations that focused on PDF workflows.

Time, Inc. Announces Move to PDF Workflow

Adobe Systems Incorporated sponsored a Developer Breakfast at Seybold on Thursday, February 21st. Attendees were treated to a presentation by Kin Wah Lam, the Director of Digital Development for Time, Inc.

Time, Inc. publishes over 64 magazines, including Time, Sports Illustrated, People, Entertainment Weekly, Fortune, Money, Southern Living, Parenting, Health, and many others.

Mr. Lam stated that Time, Inc. announced last week that they would move to a PDF workflow. For quite a few years, their workflow has been based on the TIFF-IT and DCS-2 file formats, although they've been moving gradually toward a PDF workflow in recent years.

Time, Inc.'s PDF workflow will be based in part on the PDF-X standard. Mr. Lam said that — because Time, Inc. has a 23% market share for magazines — he thinks there will be a significant ripple effect in the printing & publishing industry when Time, Inc. begins to insist on receiving PDF/X files.

Time, Inc. hosts a Web site ( that is devoted entirely to technical support for the creation and submission of electronic files for use in Time, Inc. publications. From this site, visitors can obtain file-format specifications, detailed instructions for creating files, Adobe Distiller Job Options files, Enfocus PitStop Profiles, ad specifications, layout information, troubleshooting tips, phone numbers and email addresses for technical personnel at Time, Inc., and other helpful information.

PIP Printing Encourages Customers to Submit PDF Files

The Vice President of the Adobe Systems Incorporated e-Paper Solutions Group, Joe Eschbach, also gave a presentation at the Adobe Developer Breakfast. During his talk, Mr. Eschbach informed his audience that PIP Printing encourages its customers to submit PDF files for printing.

Internal Revenue Service Relies on PDF

A Seybold PDF Conference Keynote Address was delivered at Seybold New York 2002 on Thursday, February 21st by Paul Showalter, a Senior Technical Printing Specialist at the Internal Revenue Service. Mr. Showalter said that more than half a billion PDF files have been downloaded from the IRS Web site. He stated that the IRS owns 130,000 Adobe Acrobat licenses, and he described the various ways in which the IRS exploits PDF technology as it takes proactive steps to make it easy for taxpayers to obtain Internal Revenue Service forms and publications. Here are some of them:
  • The IRS encourages corporations to make tax forms and publications available in PDF format on corporate Intranets so that employees can obtain them easily.
  • The IRS's distribution centers use PDF files to print paper tax forms and publications on demand when taxpayers request them.
  • The IRS publishes CD-ROMs containing tax forms and publications in PDF format and distributes them via lots of different channels. (An IRS CD-ROM was available free of charge from many sources at Seybold New York 2002.)
  • The IRS runs the largest fax-back service in the world; this fax-back service is fed by PDF.

Jeff Gomez Describes the PDF Workflow at St. Martin's Press

At the "PDF and Authoring Workflows" morning session on Thursday, February 21st, Jeff Gomez, the eBook and Print on Demand Manager at St. Martin's Press in New York City, discussed the ways in which his company is benefitting from a PDF workflow. Mr. Gomez described how their PDF workflow facilitates the production of eBooks. He also explained that the PDF workflow in use at St. Martin's Press allows the company to print some books on demand in a cost-effective manner, and he talked about the fact that St. Martin's has been able to take on new distribution customers because some of the company's warehouse/distribution resources have been freed up now that some books are not inventoried but are instead printed on demand.

Lightbulb Press Sets its Sights on a PDF Workflow

Another interesting presentation at the "PDF and Authoring Workflows" morning session on Thursday, February 21st was given by Dave Wilder, the Design Director for Lightbulb Press in New York City. Mr. Wilder said that his company relies heavily on PDFs for review and approval of incremental versions of a book that is being prepared for publication. Other than that, however, PDF is at the periphery of the Lightbulb Press workflow — but their intention is to make PDF the core of their workflow within a year or so.

GTS Companies Depends Heavily on PDF Workflow

Thursday morning's "PDF and Authoring Workflows" session also featured a presentation by John Clifford, a Technical Support Specialist for GTS Companies in Los Angeles, CA. Mr. Clifford began his talk by describing the company's first PDF project — a 10,000-page document set that was produced by GTS several years ago. He then gave an overview of several other PDF projects that GTS has undertaken since then, and he described how GTS came to embrace the highly sophisticated PDF workflow that it has today. Mr. Clifford noted that GTS's primarily deliverable went from 95% film to 15% film between 1998 and 2002. He also emphasized that one of the reasons that GTS depends on a PDF workflow is that — when used properly — the PDF format makes it easy to repurpose documents. For example: it's easy to archive a high-resolution version of a document for print production and a low-resolution version for Web delivery.

Newspapers Depend on Structured PDF to Repurpose Documents

At Thursday afternoon's "PDF and Authoring Workflows" session, Mike Clarke from Winds Solutions in The Netherlands described a system that uses structured PDF files to allow newspapers to repurpose their content.

American Association for the Advancement of Science Benefits From Automated Preflight System

Another speaker at Thursday afternoon's "PDF and Authoring Workflows" session was Dave Tompkins, the Preflight Operations Director for the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, DC. Mr. Tompkins describes his organization's highly automated preflight operation, which automatically examines incoming files and automatically fixes many of the problems that are found in the files. They enjoy a phenomenal 95% success rate with their automated preflight system.

Quebecor World Encourages Customers to Submit PDF Files and Embraces PDF/X Standard
Johnny Sutton, Director of Technology North America for Quebecor World Inc., also delivered a presentation on Thursday afternoon at the "PDF and Authoring Workflows" session. Mr. Sutton said that Quebecor World began accepting PDFs four years ago. To make it easy for their customers to produce good-quality PDFs, the company publishes guidelines, Adobe Distiller Job Options settings, and Enfocus PitStop settings. At times, they've provided training for their customers — and they've even installed PDF workflows for some customers.

Mr. Sutton also stated that Quebecor World has embraced the PDF/X standard, and he said that the company is engaged in an ongoing effort to influence vendors to create PDF/X-compliant files instead of just verifying PDF/X compliance.

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