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Seybold San Francisco 2001 will take place as scheduled September 24-28, 2001

SEPTEMBER 15, 2001 — The Seybold San Francisco 2001 Conference is taking place as scheduled September 24-28, 2001 in San Francisco, CA.

Gene Gable, President of Seybold Seminars, has issued the following statement:
"We at Key3Media Group and Seybold Seminars are deeply saddened by the recent events, and our sympathy goes out to everyone touched by [the recent] tragedies.

"We believe that the proper response from the Seybold community is to once again demonstrate the vitality of our industry and the contribution it makes to the global economy. Accordingly, we are enthusiastically moving ahead with plans for our event scheduled this September 24-28 in San Francisco, California.

"We strongly encourage all of you to participate in the discussion, debate and education of Seybold San Francisco. It is critical, now more than ever, to build a great community."

Seybold is a twice-yearly electronic-publishing conference and expo which normally takes place in San Francisco in the autumn and in Boston in the spring. At Seybold, you can:
  • see and try out cutting-edge products from approximately 350 exhibitors

  • learn about the latest publishing technologies from industry pundits

  • learn now software skills by attending workshops and tutorial sessions

  • capitalize on networking opportunities with peers and prospective customers

  • gain some insight into business trends that affect the printing/publishing industries and related industries.

Below, we give you a quick overview of what to expect at Seybold San Francisco 2001 - but first, here are the basic facts.

Basic Facts About Seybold San Francisco 2001



The Seybold exposition (trade show) runs from Tuesday, September 25, 2001 through Thursday, September 27, 2001. Exhibition hours are: 10:00am - 5:00pm on Tuesday, 10:00am - 5:00pm on Wednesday, and 10:00am - 4:00pm on Thursday.


The Seybold "sessions" (conferences, workshops, etc.) run from Monday, September 24, 2001 through Friday, September 28, 2001.


The event is being held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, CA, USA.

How Much


If you haven't yet registered for Seybold (i.e., if you register on site), you'll pay $75.00 to attend the exposition (trade show). If you registered prior to the event, you can attend the exposition for free.


If you want to attend any sessions (conferences, seminars, or tutorials), you'll need to pay a fee. Your fee will total anywhere from approximately $500 to approximately $2500, depending on which sessions you want to attend.

How to Register

Seybold is happening now. You can register at the event, if you haven't registered already.

An Overview of Seybold San Francisco 2001

Here is Citation Software Inc.'s "in-a-nutshell" look at Seybold San Francisco 2001.


The following individuals are scheduled to deliver keynote addresses at Seybold San Francisco 2001:
  • Martin Brauns, President & CEO, Interwoven

  • Roger Fidler, Director of Kent State University?s Institute for CyberInformation and a professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication

  • J?rgen Kurz, Vice President of Product Management for Quark

  • Mark Anderson, a former teacher at Stanford, Harvard, the University of Washington and other schools; the founder of two software companies; and a past director of the Washington Software Association

  • Bruce Chizen, President and CEO of Adobe Systems Incorporated

  • Dick Brass, Vice President of Technology Development in Microsoft's Business Productivity Group

  • Donald Van de Mark, co-founder, Vice President and Editorial Director of MyPrimeTime, Inc. and co-anchor of public television?s "Great Leaders, Great Lessons" now on PBS stations


As we've said, approximately 350 companies & organizations are available in the exhibit hall during the exposition, which is open from 10:00am to 5:00pm on Tuesday, September 25th; from 10:00am to 5:00pm on Wednesday, September 26th; and from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Thursday, September 27th.

Here is a partial list of exhibitors (note that this list is biased toward the interest of people who visit Citation Software Inc.'s Web site):
  • a lowly apprentice production, inc.: This company offers extensions/plug-ins for drawing & illustration software and for page-layout & creation software.

  • activePDF, Inc.: This company is a leading provider of server-side PDF development and conversion tools for Windows NT and 2000.

  • Adobe Systems, Inc.: Adobe is the inventor of the PostScript language and is also the inventor of PDF technology. Founded in 1982, Adobe Systems builds award-winning software solutions for Web and print publishing.

  • Advent 3B2, Inc.: This firm provides fully automated solutions to the world's most complex publishing challenges using its powerful "3B2" software. The company excels in SGML/XML technologies, database-publishing environments, and catalog-publishing environments.

  • Arbortext: Arbortext's "Epic:" software enables companies to convert existing document information to XML, create information directly in XML and publish automatically to multiple types of media, including Web, print, CD-ROM and wireless devices.

  • Atlas Software BV: This company's "PrintShop Mail" software is extremely easy to use and is also one of the most cost-effective variable-data-publishing solutions available.

  • Banta Integrated Media: Banta offers digital-content-management systems; Internet-strategy consulting; application design & development services; variable-data-printing software; and related products & services.

  • Blanks/USA: This company is the manufacturer of "Desktop Diecuts," a line of pre-diecut, perforated and scored paper products designed specifically for laser printers, inkjets and copiers.

  • Cahners Publishing: Cahners' titles include leading publications and Web sites in major market segments: Graphic Arts Monthly, Quick Print Products, Converting Magazine, Graphic Arts Blue Book directories, AF Lewis Database, TrendWatch Graphic Arts.

  • Callas Software: This company's offerings include workflow systems, PDF plug-ins, font-management systems, software systems for newspapers & magazines, software systems for Web publishing.

  • Canon USA: Canon USA is an industry leader in professional and consumer imaging solutions. At Seybold San Francisco 2001, Canon will showcase its Canon CLC 5000/ColorPASS-Z5000, a print-on-demand solution for high-value production of color documents; the company will also exhibit its CLC 1100 Series Technology, which is a color print-on-demand solution geared for the mid-volume marketplace.

  • Caslon IT: This company is Denmark's leading supplier of digital prepress solutions for the graphics industry.

  • CreoScitex: This company is a leading creator of solutions for the graphic-arts industry. Offerings include image-capture systems, inkjet proofers, thermal imaging devices, color & copydot scanning systems, workflow-management systems, and PDF plug-ins.

  • Datalogics, Inc.: This company has been delivering quality software products to the publishing industry for more than 30 years. Offerings include personalization software, process-management software, page-composition software, PDF plug-ins, and HTML/SGML/XML software.

  • Datazone Ltd.: This company develop of document-production and document-composition applications.

  • Documentum: This firm is a leading provider of content-management solutions for driving e-business.

  • Dynamic Graphics: This company produces monthly art and idea services ("Clipper Creative Art Service," "Designer's Club" and "Print Media Service"); creates how-to publications for professional graphic designers (Step-By-Step Graphics magazine; SBS Digital Design newsletter and Dynamic Graphics magazine); offers custom-quality images through its "Creatas Brand"; and provides professional graphics training.

  • Eastman Kodak Company: This company's "Kodak Professional" division provides imaging professionals with cutting-edge products and solutions for virtually every step of the imaging chain. Its booth will feature a new printer, the initial model in a breakthrough line of high-speed, large-format inkjet units that employ piezo inkjet print head technology.

  • Electronic Publishing Magazine: This publication features commentary from the industry's leading experts, plus extensive product news, reviews and a monthly PDF Workflow section.

  • Electronics for Imaging (EFI>: EFI is a world leader in providing hardware and software imaging solutions for networked printers and copiers.

  • Em Software: Em Software builds tools that can speed up your publishing tasks. If your data starts off (or ends up) in a database or spreadsheet, and needs the publishing power of Adobe InDesign, Em Software's tools can help.

  • Enfocus Software Corporation: Enfocus publishes PDF tools for that enable users to edit, check, verify and auto-correct PDF files.

  • Exstream Software: This firm's "Dialogue" product is the only solution available today that combines high-volume personalized document creation, campaign management and tracking, content management and multi-channel delivery in one easy-to-use tool.

  • Extensis Products Group: This firm offers digital-asset-management systems, digital-imaging systems, prepress systems, workflow-management systems, font-management systems, and page-layout systems.

  • Finite Matters Ltd. (FML>: This company will be showcasing its "PatternStream" Version 2.0 database-publishing application. PatternStream allows customers to rapidly set up, save, modify and publish catalogs, directories, manuals, reference books, reports and other pattern-based documents from multiple databases and flat files for both print and electronic distribution.

  • FunctionFox Systems, Inc.: This company offers Web-based project-management software for design firms, advertising firms, public-relations firms, and market-research companies.

  • Group Logic: This firms develops WAN and LAN workflow solutions.

  • Hewlett-Packard Company: HP is a leading provider of computing and imaging solutions and services

  • HumanCom Inc.: HumanCom develops XML-related solutions and e-business solutions. Its offerings include "Xtream2000," which is a WYSIWYG editor for XML and SGML; and "XtreamRM," which lets you store, manage and search XML documents.

  • IDEAlliance: IDEAlliance is an organization that advances real-world, cross-industry technology solutions through standards alliances, development and practices.

  • IKON: This company provides customers with total business solutions, including digital copiers and printers; color solutions; distributed printing, facilities-management, imaging and legal-outsourcing solutions; as well as network design and consulting services; e-business development and technology training.

  • Imation: This company offers solutions and services geared toward document management, storage, document imaging/plotting, and other tasks important to graphic-arts environments.

  • Internet Production Inc. (iProduction): This company is a provider of Internet-publishing systems for magazines, newspapers, newsletters and directories.

  • iUniverse This firm's unique on-demand-printing technology eliminates the traditional barriers to publishing, thus enabling individuals and companies to publish professional-quality books. The company has printed and sold a record 500,000 books from an author base that?s 7,000-plus strong.

  • KwareSoft Inc.: This firm's XML and Knowledge Management System (KMS) technology reduces the cost of developing integrated enterprise applications while protecting an organization?s existing investment in IT resources.

  • Lanier Worldwide: Lanier offers digital color coper/printers, black-and-white digital copier/printers, multifunction devices, print-on-demand applications and outsourcing services.

  • Lantana: Lantana provides award-winning PDF tools for printing & publishing, including "Crackerjack," which handles prepress tasks; "Stratify PDF," which creates and manages layers in Acrobat pages; "PDF ImageWorks," which lets you use Acrobat to edit images; and "Variform PDF," which extends the functionality of Acrobat forms.

  • Mac Academy: Mac Academy/Windows Academy produces computer/software training on video and CD-ROM.

  • Markzware Software: Markzware is a leader in preflight solutions. The company will unveil "FlightCheck VISION," which inspects files and allows you to view specific problems before printing. It also contains a powerful feature that allows you to design an automatic preflight workflow.

  • Mighty Job/ This company offers personalization software, database tools, document-management systems, workflow systems, Web-development software, and project-management software.

  • Minolta Corporation: Minolta sells digital color printers and printers/copiers, black-and-white digital printers/copiers, multi-function laser fax machines and related software.

  • Modern Postcard: This company specializes in direct mail with postcards. The company creates, prints, and mails custom four-color postcards, starting at $95 for 500-copies.

  • NPES: NPES is a U.S. trade association representing companies that manufacture and distribute machinery, equipment, systems, software, supplies and services used in printing, publishing and converting.

  • Object Publishing, Inc.: This company offers a comprehensive suite of licensed software and ASP services for cross-media publishing of data-rich documents, particularly catalogs and directories. Output can be QuarkXPress, PageMaker, PDF, HTML, XML or flat files. The product suite includes a sophisticated rules-based publishing system; a three-tier Java/XML content management system that runs on SQL Server or Oracle; and a robust production system for Web-based on-demand publishing.

  • Océ USA, Inc.: Océ is a global leader in digital document management and delivery technology. Its solutions are based on advanced software applications that deliver documents over internal networks and the Internet. Supporting the workflow solutions are Oc? digital printers and scanners, considered the most reliable and productive in the world.

  • OpenPages, Inc.: OpenPages is a leading provider of content-management systems for the media and publishing industry. Their flagship product, "ContentWare," helps companies create, manage and deploy content to multiple channels using familiar tools and desktop applications.

  • OTG Software: OTG's products help enterprises save all of the information they need, while making it readily available for use in day-to-day applications. These products store, track and retrieve all kinds of data over LANs, SANs or the Web.

  • Pantone, Inc.: Pantone is a provider of color standards across a variety of analog and digital applications. Pantone will introduce a host of new products at Seybold San Francisco 2001.

  • PEI Magazine: This publication is dedicated exclusively to the unique integration of electronic imaging, computer graphics, desktop publishing and prepress. It reaches close to 100,000 readers.

  • Phase One: This firm is the world leader in direct digital imaging for the professional photographer. Phase One offers both single-shot and scan solutions that cover the full range of shooting scenarios - from product and still-life to portrait, wedding and fashion.

  • Printing For, Inc.: Printing For (PFL) sells full-color color printing online. The company offers high quality coupled with great value. PFL offers instant online pricing, ordering and proofing. PFL's specialty is short to medium runs of high-quality marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, postcards, stationery and more.

  • PrintLink Graphic Arts Placement Service: PrintLink provides staffing solutions and permanent employee placement for print, prepress, document-management and electronic-media technologies.

  • Publishers Weekly Magazine: provides the information needed by publishing and bookselling executives to run their businesses effectively.

  • Quark Inc.: Quark has been providing award-winning software for professional publishing since its flagship product, "QuarkXPress," changed the course of traditional publishing several years ago. Visit the Quark Solutions Pavilion to learn about the products, features and services that Quark partners provide to meet your publishing needs.

  • RealTimeImage: This company is a leading innovator and developer of Internet-based imaging products and services for the graphic-arts and medical communities. Offerings include color proofing systems, digital-imaging software, prepress systems, and workflow-management systems.

  • SAXoTECH, Inc.: SAXoTECH creates software that enables media companies to create, edit, manage and publish content in any format they choose — in print and on the Internet.

  • Seybold Publications Inc.: For more than 30 years, this company has been providing insight into the technological developments that shape the publishing industry.

  • SNX: This company publishes "Bar Code Pro," a bar-code graphics software package for Mac/Windows.

  • The Beehive Software Corporation: This firm develops high-speed file-transfer software for Mac, Windows and browser platforms.

  • The Big Picture Magazine: This publication reports on all aspects of digital printing, from capture and processing to finishing and display.

  • Thomas Technology Solutions Inc.: This firm offers XML tools, database tools, document-management systems, catalog systems, and Web-hosting services.

  • Unisys/AdLizard: This company provides a comprehensive suite of editorial, advertising, Web-publishing and digital-archiving systems. The firm also offers a range of business-process consulting, outsourcing and application-hosted services.

  • Virginia Systems: This company's "Sonar" family of products includes automatic index generators as well as cross-referencing and footnote-management tools for Adobe InDesign and other desktop publishing systems.

  • X-Rite, Inc.: X-Rite produces precision measurement devices, systems and processes that enable working with color, light and shape.

  • Xerox Corporation: Xerox will be showcasing networked color printers and copier/printers.

  • XyEnterprise: XyEnterprise offers database tools, page-composition software, and HTML/SGML/XML software.


Below, we give information about some of the sessions that will take place at Seybold San Francisco 2001. As with our list of exhibitors, the information below is geared toward topics that are likely to be of interest to folks who visit our Web site. Be sure to visit for comprehensive information.


Cross-Media-Publishing Conference, Monday, September 24th and Tuesday, September 25th

This conference will focus on the day-to-day realities of publishing in a cross-media world and on the complex future of publishing to multiple media. The conference features two "tracks" — the Tools & Technologies Track and the Business & Implementation Track — each of which offers highly focused content essential to managers of publishing companies and their service organizations.

Best Practices for Print Publishing Conference, Thursday, September 27th and Friday, September 28th

Attend this conference to learn about the building blocks of a successful print-production system. From PDF workflows, asset management and color reproduction to do-it-yourself workflows and quality-on-a-budget, this session targets the topics that will make a difference in your business. This year's new ROI track offers comprehensive analysis and information to help you maximize your return on investment (ROI) and the production quality you are able to achieve with the most efficient workflows. This conference is not about speculating on new and unproven technology and theories. It's about helping you use the tools that are available today to your greatest advantage.

Best Practices for Web Publishing Conference, Thursday, September 27th and Friday, September 28th

This goal of this conference is to help you make the most of emerging opportunities - and meet your current challenges. There are three "tracks" - the Corporate Track, the Design Track and the Developer Track. The Corporate Track focuses on methods for using the Web to achieve your company's strategic business and knowledge-management goals. The Design Track brings together graphic designers, user-interface experts and other Web-design professionals to share techniques for building usable, visually appealing Web sites. The Developer Track shows developers, producers and other technical professionals how to apply successful Web-development techniques and management techniques to their own operations.


PDF Print Publishing Day, Monday, September 24th

There are four objectives for the PDF for Print Publishing Day conference. The first is to give you a clear sense of how to use the PDF format successfully in a design and print-publishing workflow. The second is to bring you up-to-date on some of the most important new features and advantages of the PDF format, as well as some of its biggest holes. The third is to expose you to the full range of third-party tools that support PDF for print publishing. The fourth and most important objective is to provide a sense of how PDF is being used today and how it will be used in the future.

PDF Print On Demand Day, Monday, September 24th

The concepts of digital and on-demand printing - print what you want, when you want to and where you want it - have been bandied about for the last few years but are still misunderstood by the industry. Today, more than half the printing done is considered on-demand or digital printing, and the field is growing. At this conference, industry pundits will discuss the benefits, technology, equipment and business of digital and on-demand printing.

Design Day, Tuesday, September 25th
Today?s designers must reinvent themselves and remain flexible to keep up with the changes. This conference focuses on how best to accomplish this.

Color Production Day, Tuesday, September 25th

Attend this conference to get up to speed on color-management systems and techniques. This conference's agenda is structured such that the entire color reproduction process is covered, from input through processing, proofing and output with an emphasis on the newest techniques and procedures being adopted by leading-edge users.

The Seybold Summit, Wednesday, September 26th

According to the Seybold organization, this conference is "the heart of Seybold San Francisco 2001." This conference brings the cross-media community together with the most innovative thinkers and technologists to focus on emerging technologies and trends. The objective of this session is to give you an opportunity to understand where content design, production and delivery are going.

XML in Publishing Day, Thursday, September 27th

This conference's presentations and panel discussions feature top publishers focusing on XML and the standards that are changing the landscape of publishing. Some issues that will be discussed are: What new business models can be enabled by XML? How can publishers use XML to implement e-commerce business solutions? How can use of XML provide bottom-line benefits to publishers? What is happening today in terms of XML schemas, Web formatting, and style-sheet standards?

PDF For Electronic Documents Day, Friday, September 28th

Four objectives have been identified for this conference. The first is to provide a clear sense of where Acrobat 5 and PDF 1.4 are today. The second is to illustrate how this combination is currently being used, as well as where it's going. The third is to offer real-life solutions to your PDF-related issues via an interactive Q&A session with a group of industry experts. Finally, the session will expose you to an exciting array of third-party tools for PDF publishing, including dozens of programs from dozens of developers.


JDF Workshop

The Job Definition Format (JDF) is a new XML-based industry standard for job-ticket specifications combined with a message-description standard and message-interchange protocol. Version 1.0 of the JDF specification was only officially published last April, but some vendors are already implementing JDF in their products. See these developers present their projects and get an overview of the JDF concept and the future direction of this standard. Go to to get updated information on the date and location of this special workshop.

Planet eBook and DRM Arena

Seybold Seminars and collaborate to produce this event. You'll see presentations and demonstrations from leading e-book vendors. Sessions run every 45 minutes all three days of the Expo.

Seybold Lunches with Annalee Newitz

Spend lunchtime with Annalee Newitz, journalist and syndicated columnist. Her writing focuses on technology, pop culture and sex! Two sessions are scheduled:
Thursday, September 27
What can we learn from the quasi-pathetic state of the Web? Discover how to benefit from other people?s mistakes and make your Web site better! Bring along your favorite examples of good and bad Web sites.

Friday, September 28
Adult sites were among the first to offer subscriptions, graphics and streaming video. Today, porn companies are at the forefront of multimedia content production for PDAs and cell phones, and they are experimenting with "micropayments." In this session, Annalee and her guests will explain how their high-tech careers were inspired by Internet porn. They'll also talk about how the highly successful business techniques used by porn companies can be used to advantage in other industries.


Forty-nine tutorials are offered at Seybold San Francisco 2001. Here is a partial list:

  • Web Color: Theory and Practice
  • Simplified Color Management
  • Advanced ICC Color Management
  • The Art of the Photoshop Curve
  • Advanced Color Correction in Photoshop
  • Integrating Print and Electronic Publishing
  • InDesign Tips and Tricks
  • Basic Graphic Design for Better Web Pages
  • Effective and Usable Web-Interface Design
  • Adobe Illustrator Art and Production Techniques
  • Web-Design Principles
  • Design Web Sites for Use: Tactics for User-Centered Design
  • Photoshop and Illustrator: Creating What You See
  • The Art and Science of Photoshop and Digital Imaging
  • Acrobat/PDFs for the Editorial Workflow
  • PDF for Prepress
  • Creating Acrobat Forms
  • PDF Workflow
  • Interactive PDF: Converting Print Files into Dynamic Digital Documents
  • Photoshop 6.0 Tips and Tricks
  • InDesign for Quark-Experienced Users
  • Creating and Fixing PostScript Files
  • Working Cross-Platform: How to Handle Your Fonts and Graphics Files Successfully
  • QuarkXPress Tips and Tricks
  • Prepress Tips and Tricks
  • Real-World Photoshop for Print Production
  • Advanced Photoshop 6.0 for Power Users
  • Advanced QuarkXPress Techniques
  • JavaScript for Designers
  • Interface Design and Usability for Intranets: What's Hot and What's Not!
  • Crash Course in Writing for the Web
  • HTML: Beyond the Basics
  • Photoshop 6.0 for the Web
  • XML for Publishing Managers
  • XML and Print
  • XML and Data-Driven Web Architectures
  • Capturing and Managing Information With XML

Get All the Details at the Seybold Web Site

Remember, you can get much more information about Seybold San Francisco 2001 at

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