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Purchase Appligent's "StampPDF Batch Server Application" before December 31, 2002 and receive "StampPDF Plug-in" FREE!

OCTOBER 8, 2002 — Appligent's "StampPDF Batch Server Application" lets you automate the process of adding text (including page numbers and Bates Numbering) and JPEG images to single or multiple PDF documents. Note that StampPDF Batch is now available as an XML-RPC version and a Java Shared Library version.

Here are just a few of the features that this software has to offer:
  • Type - Stamp Text or JPEG Images.

  • Font - Stamp pages using the standard Base 14 fonts, any Adobe Type 1 Postscript font, OCR fonts or bar-code fonts.

  • Text Attributes - Font Style, Font Size, Text Modes (solid, outline or invisible), Grayscale and RGB Color.

  • Position - Top, bottom, vertical center, diagonal-top left and diagonal-bottom left.

  • Justification - Left, right, or center.

  • Placement/Page Margins - Top, Bottom, Left and Right page margins.

  • Individual Stamp Margins - In addition to page margins, you can specify margins for individual stamp items, using additional Left, Right, Top and Bottom parameters. This creates a separate stamping space, enabling you to easily position the stamp in any location on the page.

  • Vertical Centering - Stamps can be placed in the exact vertical center of a page. (or the exact vertical center within an individual stamping space).

  • Layer - Stamp on top of or underneath the original document's page contents.

  • Angle Stamping - Text can be stamped on any angle. Any floating point value, positive or negative numbers, including decimal numbers may be used to specify an angle in degrees.

  • Pages to Stamp - Specify starting and ending page numbers.

  • Page Increments - Stamp any predefined increment of pages. (For example, if value entered is 2, every other page would be stamped.)

  • Variables - Use stamping variables to stamp dynamic data. Dates, times, page numbers, Bates Numbering and file names are just a few of the variables available.

  • Multi-Line Stamps - Supports multiple-line text stamps within one stamp item.

  • Image Scaling - JPEG image size can be increased or decreased.

  • Word Wrapping - This is an optional parameter for text stamps that will wrap text to a new line if it would otherwise be too long to fit in its margined area.

As stated above, the "StampPDF Batch Server Application" allows you to automate the process of making the modifications described above. The plug-in version of this software, called "StampPDF Plug-in," is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that lets you do such modifications interactively, from within the Adobe Acrobat software.* If you buy the "StampPDF Batch Server Application" before December 31, 2002, you'll get the "StampPDF Plug-in" software absolutely free!

StampPDF Batch is available as:
  • a command-line application

  • web services with XML-RPC

  • a Java Shared library.
This software is available for multiple platforms.

For detailed information about the "StampPDF Batch Server Application" software and the "StampPDF Plug-in" software, contact Citation Software Inc. at 888-260-7316.

* The "full version" of Adobe Acrobat is required; the StampPDF Plug-in software will not work with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Let our Wizard help you find the right product!

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