ANSWER: The abbreviation "ASP" has two meanings (that we know of) in the context of information technology.

1. Active Server Pages
2. Application Service Provider

Both meanings of ASP come into play in our technology arena (on-demand printing, variable-data printing, etc.).

Active Server Pages

Active Server Pages is a technology that enables a programmer to create Web pages that change from situation to situation. A Web page created with Active Server pages technology contains a combination of HTML code and other code known as "scripting code." The Active Server Pages technology was invented by Microsoft Corporation

Application Service Provider

An Application Service Provider is a company or entity that manages software-based services and solutions that are used by customers that do not have the software installed on their own computers. Often, customers make use of the software by using a Web browser to interact with it; however, there are other mechanisms for interaction.

Using an ASP system can benefit a customer because the customer does not need to install the software on his own company's computers and does not need to have people on staff that understand how to maintain the software, understand the security requirements for the software, and so on.

Many Web-to-Print solutions are ASP systems.